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All-in-one device management solution based on microservices - from devices health tracking to data integration with 3rd party systems.

A sustainable business supports

eco initiatives needs sustainable

technologies for further development. Open source core to drive independent growth of your business.

Wanna know how to move easy and safe to the microservice architecture? Choose a middleware software to mitigate the core risks during a transition.

Stop doubting in your sellers' faith and start doing your business with a calm & rational mind today! With chatbot you can skip the looped check-ups scanning their real-time statistics.

Fast Launch is easy with Web application for car-sharing service created just in 8 weeks from the scratch have already attracted 87 thousands of active users. 

" team does a great job for us for long years!

We use XME. Fast Code Platform to deliver </business automation solutions> to our clients, and we are deeply satisfied with the quality, expertise, and delivery approach."

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Innovate together with fast code

platform 2X faster and 8X easier!

One month's journey from the idea to MVP. The highest personal protection in 60 seconds any point around Europe with fast code platform.

A ready-to-use solution to create and manage a virtual operator for any business case and any sensor network with the XME`s high-level of
integrability and flexibility.


Thinking of monetizing your business, pay attention to balance & billing management, and analytics. is already working for 1+ mln devices to track the firmware updates worldwide.


It is so easy to manage logistics & distribution with predictive analytics. allows building an easy-to-use simple system to manage your distribution and relations with suppliers.  


It is easy to join a green & sustainable lifestyle. With the app, we have optimized and simplified your eco desire connection with the potential financial opportunities.