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Employee Engagement Solutions. Gamification is a key

Embedded POS Gamification For Employee Loyalty

How often have you found it difficult to motivate employees? Some do not understand the purpose of work, others want to be rewarded, but management does not have time to monitor their performance. Consequently, staff burns out, employee turnover grows, business goal achievement is postponed indefinitely.

Wait. Perhaps one tool still can maintain the staff morale. Following FinancesOnline research,

87% of employees are convinced gamification makes them more productive.

Over the next couple of minutes, we suggest you consider what gamification is, how it works and where to get it. But first things first.

Gamification to Improve Employee Performance & Experience: Intro

If you believe the definition, gamification is a method that enables transforming any process into a game or competition.

Its effectiveness is easy to prove by the scale of usage. You can encounter gamification everywhere. Adobe, JTI, SAP, and other business giants have already implemented it. You can face it taking any online course or ordering McDonald's delivery. Even the Chinese government decided to build the social structure based on gamification principles.

And so, how does this miracle tool work?

Let's take any sales department as an example. Agree that selling is not an effortless activity, so this area suffers from employee dissatisfaction and crazy turnover. But what if you turn the sales process into a game where the winner gets a prize? - It will cut employee turnover by 25-65% and make the results more quality.

Get inspired by the Microsoft experience. The company decided to increase the Consumer Support Service employees' involvement. The core business KPI was to increase sales. Due to gamification, it doubled the upsells and noticed that 89% of employees study updated products and services information. It's 3.5 times more than it was before the implementation of gamification.

So, if you want to reach something similar, the action plan is clear.

Step #1. Set tasks in the right way and track employee performance using special software.

Step #2. Let each employee receive points or stars for every successful deal.

Step #3. Define winners and convert their rewards into pleasant cash bonuses or extra days off at the end of the month.

Step #4. Watch how your sales will skyrocket.

Staff doesn't feel motivated by general business goals since they don't concern employees directly. Your task is to fix it and convince specialists to achieve strategic targets, encouraging them with profitable rewards.

Gamification can be a helpful assistant here because it:

  • engages employees to provide quality

  • makes staff more loyal to the company

  • forms a healthy corporate culture

  • improves productivity

  • eliminates routine

Example. POS Embedded Gamification for Retail

If you decide to motivate your team through gamification, robust software will not hurt you. Moreover, most often, the gamification module is a part of a more complex digital product, like CRM or POS systems. Suppliers rarely launch them as separate solutions, like Wave Access.

In the CRM, we evaluate the customer base volume, the frequency, and nature of communication, etc.

To organize a "game" between call-center operators, for example, companies need a build-in gamification module that contains at least:

  • task manager

  • setting goals tools

  • leaderboards

  • tracking system,

  • TV broadcast service for real-time results reflection

When it comes to gamification in POS, it is easier for management to track the sales level and its dependence on the employees' work. Let's see why a point of sale - gamification module synergy can work wonders.

Meet Kate from Moncton, New Brunswick. She got a job at one of the local gas stations X as a cashier.

Kate has big ambitions, and she dreams of working at the X corporation head office. However, how can Kate attract the attention of management if the company employs thousands of people worldwide? She needs to demonstrate her diligence and prove her tremendous value as an employee.

Here is the gamification cycle Kate works on every day using the point of sale system.

This approach helps Kate to distribute her efforts properly, accelerating business goals achievement (like increasing upsells/cross-sells). Management can track her activity and reward her. In the long run, it will lead to career growth.

As seen, gamification software doesn't only boost employee experience. It also blurs the boundaries between grades and opens up new opportunities for anyone who aspires to them.


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