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How Does 5G Transform Manufacturing?

Businesses are looking forward not to 5G but endless benefits it will bring. The manufacturing domain is no exception. Following predictions, 5G will enrich this industry by $ 740 billion by 2030. But what else? Let's discover why fabricating needs new technology and how enterprises have already used profitable opportunities.

5G Digital Era for Manufacturing

Each company is moving towards a total digital transformation and forecasts the results. Manufacturers also found a flawless version of the production. Andreas Müller, 5G coordinator at Bosch:

The factory of the future is only one static component: the building. The rest must be flexible: processes, communications, settings. It is unreachable without a high productive robust infrastructure, providing efficient connections between people and machines. 5G will introduce new production concepts.

Sure, the new generation can and is ready to support this area's development. Here is what manufacturing strives to get and will gain from the 5G infrastructure creation.

Speed. Basically, this characteristic will boost the industry. Data transfer in real-time will allow enterprises to provide employees with always relevant tasks, increasing their productivity. The consequence will be better throughput while maintaining high-quality standards. Look at jet engine manufacturer MTU Aero Engines. It cut the component development by an unrealistic 75%! Empowered by 5G, the team has created an automated plant that can be controlled through a unified network.

Big Data. Receiving and processing a large amount of information will make it possible to create accurate analytics regarding any downtime and breakdowns.

Cloud Technology. The new environment will encourage more active cloud exploitation. Companies want to achieve remote error-free asset management. With 5G it will become true.

High Qualified Staff. Innovation requires constant training. Only the strongest flexible gamers will remain in teams, ready to ensure companies' agility.

Lower Cost. The above changes can help reduce manufacturing costs and deliver quality products simultaneously.

New services and business model creation. Earlier, we said that partnerships with telco companies are flourishing. Factories are also actively involved in this process. Take, for example, the synergy between Ericsson and SKF - a provider of bearings. 5G became a digital enabler for tuning the manufacturing and maximizing performance at the same time. They formed a network of tied machines to receive and process data in real-time to ensure the flexibility and speed of production halls.

6 Key Features Manufacturing gains from  the 5G Infrastructure creation

5G technology will be useful in deployment, operation and maintenance. Manufacturers can generate different benefits. The operation employees can get updated tasks in real time, in the maintenance field - sensors transit data and notify when to change tools. Logistics process becomes much easier if you have a quick and safe communication system. 5G ensures flawless connection between people, machines, robots and it makes a revolution happen.

Johan Stahre, Chair Professor and Head of Division

Production Systems Chalmers University of Technology

5G Applications By Manufacturers

Great opportunities for producers to generate additional profits from 5G are here. Some enterprises, like BMW, improve their products by embedding 5G-based software there. In 2020, the company actively deployed private 5G networks, planning the iNEXT electric crossover launching in 2021.

Other businesses choose to build applications by expanding their revenue streams. Here it is worth highlighting the manufacturer of household appliances Bosch. The company has released ctrlX AUTOMATION management technology. The last one allows users to connect a large number of industrial devices for efficient 5G usage.

As practice shows, you can offer customers not only products but software. This way, you transform competitors into clients, getting a new revenue stream. So, what do manufacturers need to launch new 5G based services? - High level of flexibility. An idea. Budget. Creative team. Digital support.

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