1. Contact center CRM for retailer with 27 million of customers and 54 shops: transition to microservice middleware infrastructure, faster transactions execution, new cross/up-sale capabilities, and reduced onboarding time for new employees

  2. Development & implementation of a new POS software for the gas station network with 400 stations: new integration layer and cashier user interface for fueling process with reduced efforts and less mistakes

  3. Omnichannel marketplace and order fulfillment infrastructure for a new construction materials & home supplies retail mall

  4. Startups and MVPs:

  • Light ERP for small stores to list their goods in a joint e-commerce solution 

  • Online marketing platform for local markets:

  • HoReCa loyalty system:

  • Digital warranty management MVP for electronics retail

  • ML-based predictive analysis system of consumer profiles to optimize promotions

  • Endpoint sales data collection via chatbot with goods barcode recognition and sales match