XME.platform Components

XME Digital Service Platform consists from 6 key components that could be tuned according to your special business needs and are able to help you innovate 2x faster & 8x more effective. Explore each of them in details to get a clear understanding of what composition you are willing to have.


</ Customer Management >

Customers are the key to any business. Treat them personally, give them additional benefits with possibilities.

</ Products & Services Catalog > creates an opportunity to list and manage all the features your business proposes to the clients and partners.

Learn how can you easily create numerous diverse proposals for clients counting 10+ diverse parameters.


</ Device & Resource

You have embedded or IoT devices and you want to squeeze the most value from them? has a proven solution to create end-to-end processes based on your assets.

All the actions you need to keep your devices and resources under control in just one window.

</ Business Process Management > is able to automate any complicated, custom business process with a high number of integrational points. It basically means we decompose something big in a combination with small ones to treat and operate them easily.


</ Balance & Billing Management >

Virtual currency, loyalty points, money, and services balances - any of it can be managed with Control your customers' top-ups, usage, and charging. 

</ Customizable Dashboards & Widgets > will get you through the fast and simple-to-learn navigation with numerous widgets and dashboards that could be easily configured for your needs. 

Loyal customers have extended lifetime value, personalized experience increases loyalty up to 70%. Customize the user experience to gain more results!

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