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IoT low-code platform
for business needs

Build applications x2 faster with the low-code IoT platform to evolve & modernize your business and take it to the next level

Low-Code IoT development
for improving revenue stream

We are here to help your business progress.

No need to remake it from scratch.

What We Do

Physical objects, sensors, industrial equipment, devices that are connected to the cloud.

Collected data and its analysis and interpretation become a knowledge base for people or AI involved. 

The way people use knowledge base, respond to insights, improve business and services.

What is XME.IoT?
Low-code for IoT Devices.

Internet of Things, or IoT, refers to system-connected objects that can collect and transfer data over a wireless network without human intervention.

It improves performance, reduces costs, and confirms management decisions while connected and synched to the current devices and software.

We offer proven expertise in
100+ successful projects for 50+ satisfied clients

Low-code IoT developments projects. Made by XME.

Approved by employees. Benefited by the business.

Custom made devices integrations into the currents architecture. 
Both Software and Hardware

Firmware management, API management, etc.

From installation sites to business services providing.


From charging to b2b services providing.

XME IoT technology Solutions Benefits

  • Collect real-time data for complete visibility

  • Minimize downtime costs and predict failure patterns to provide better service

  • Process your IoT data efficiently to build the best frameworks and infrastructure

  • Manage devices remotely, optimize maintenance for any product


working hours saved annually for one development team


faster solution



annual labor cost savings


IoT fast-code solutions bring to front company transformation

Fast-code /
No-code approach

Easy-to-use open-source constructor to cover entire systems and processes.

Learn more about the

Fast-Code solutions


4 weeks to digitize your idea into working MVP and keep all necessary integration points

Built with business
in mind

Don’t think about technology. Focus on your business. We speak the same language.

Scalable and

All your current infrastructure is safe. Go on and build even more.


Industries in focus -
listed, not limited to:

We are glad to create an advantage of transformation in these IoT industry solutions.

Projects we are proud to be a part of

IoT business solutions from our practice. 


Managing 10.000+ households


​A platform for Real Estate company to manage meters and collect data from them to generate proper bills for the end customer

Components & Features:

  • Meters data collection (water, gas, electricity)

  • Integration to 3d party systems

  • End customers utility bills issuing

RESULTS: Ongoing project for 1M+ devices all over the world


  • Create a new revenue stream from device firmware updates and give distributors a tool to manage it 

  • Provide secure updates distribution process and hierarchy management for all stakeholders

Components & Features:

  • Customer Information Management

  • 3d party systems integrations

  • Mass customer notification

  • Ballance & Billing management

  • Reports and Analytics building

  • ANVIL certification ready


Managing 3000+ objects