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Empower your MNO with
AI-powered Tariff Optimization
To increase CLV and drive revenue

Broaden your tariff offerings with pinpoint micro-segmentation, advanced data mining, and limitless generative AI capabilities.

Tariff Optimization with Customer Satisfaction in Mind

Save marketing resources without sacrificing the quality of your telecom services


Stay ahead of the telecom tough competition. Meet, exceed, and predict subscriber expectations with a proven AI-powered Tariff Optimization functionality by to increase customer satisfaction and prevent churn events. 

Traditional tariff-setting methods no longer suffice when client preferences shift rapidly between service providers. And market dynamics are ever-changing. Instead of investing significant resources, your marketing department is often left to craft numerous tariff plans without any guarantee of their effectiveness.


The AI-powered Tariff Optimization feature equips your company with sophisticated data analytics and a robust AI framework for tariff management. This innovation streamlines the process, reduces manual work, accelerates data-driven decision-making, and simplifies the creation of your tariff portfolio.

Scheme for AI LP [XME].png

The LLM decisions are based on:

  • network coverage: real and forecast

  • technologies used

  • portrait of customers: usage, preferences, term of staying with a single tariff, customer age, occupation, etc.

  • season cycles

  • competitors offers

  • partner networks

  • expenses and costs of the partners and our service (installation and maintenance), fixed promotion costs, sales channel cost

  • actual prices and their usage

2x Uplift in Your Marketing Velocity From Day One

Automate your tariff management to fuel productivity and profitability

Micro-Segmentation & Matchmaking

Achieve precise micro-segmentation of your audience in significantly less time and investment, ensuring every subscriber feels valued. Make your commercial offerings align perfectly with individual expectations and needs.

Personalized Tariffs

Empower AI-powered Tariff Optimization to craft new tariffs, drawing from an analysis of your company's conditions and capabilities, subscriber demand, and a thorough competitor review. Put your innovative ideas into action without any risk.

Dynamic Pricing

Increase ROI for newly introduced tariffs. Let AI optimize pricing models to prioritize profit margins right from the start, ensuring that each tariff is competitively priced and designed to maximize profitability.

What Does AI-powered Tariff Optimization Mean for Your Business?

Increased Operational Efficiency

AI-powered tariff optimization significantly reduces the manual work involved in tariff planning and execution. Automate data analysis to make informed decisions about tariff plans faster, increasing marketing velocity and reducing Time-to-Market for new offers.

Improved Customer Engagement and Retention

Offer tariffs that match individual subscriber needs and preferences to enhance engagement. Personalized and dynamic tariff offerings increase customer satisfaction, which reduces churn and fosters long-term loyalty.

​​Market Competitiveness

Get the agility to respond to market changes, competitor moves, and evolving customer preferences with AI-powered tariff optimization, ensuring your business remains competitive and can seize new opportunities.

High ROI

Streamlines tariff management processes to efficiently allocate resources, reduce operational costs, and dynamically adjust pricing strategies. Improve profit margins, enhance customer satisfaction, and increase revenue, driving a higher return on investment.

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