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Any Business Challenge
is solved 2x faster with the power of fast-code platform 


Validate Your Unicorn Ideas 2x Faster

Whether you are delivering a corporate startup to boost innovations inside your organization or launching new digital services and digital products for new or existing customers, time is one of the most precious assets you have. fast-code platform empowers you with an open-source software platform with enterprise-level support to build those solutions and applications you need in weeks, not months.  Scalable to millions of customers framework is ready for any platform-driven ideas to serve clients with improving services. Reduce time-to-market and convert your ideas into commercially valuable products faster than competitors do.

ideas validation
missing blocks

Build Missing Blocks in a Software You Use

No one is perfect, and the software you use also does not. There are always some functions, features, integrations, and dashboards that are missing. We all want to be more efficient and increase our operational excellence up to 20%, with little frictions on the way.


Fast code platform helps build an extension on top of the existing software solutions to extend your team's possibilities and results. You don’t need to do one more workaround or wait while the IT department would have extra time to enrich your out-of-the-box vendor solution. Add functionality you need to run your business in the best way!

Migrate to Microservices

Netflix and Amazon would not be possible without the innovative ideas and breakthrough software architectural frameworks like Microservice Architecture. How microservice architecture work in simple words?

The Microservice approach is about service-oriented architecture (SOA), which is built as a set of independent services. Easier to scale, maintain and fix.


Whether you need to start the migration process for back-office software or just add a new middleware application to an existing Monolith architecture to enrich it with features business demand. The fast-code platform can do both. Building on Microservice-based architecture with business service-based logic, is a tool to embody your most dairy ideas!

digital transformation

Digital Transformation Solutions for Any Industry

Business models become outdated in months, not years. Every customer demand, operational excellence innovation, and boost innovations should be supported by software your customers, partners, and employees are using.


Digital transformation is not a buzz or a framework; it is the way how can work more effectively with the help of the software you use. Paperwork elimination, supply chain improvement, back-office enhancement, additional digital services, and digital product launch to make customers and staff life better are about digital transformation issues that could be solved with help.


Clarity Labs LLC has launched COVID-19 testing solution for 8 weeks only.

How was it possible?

Digital bottleneck.
Does your company have any?

Software bottleneck of digital bottleneck refers to limitations in your business experience

because of existing IT issues. Lack of flexibility and features in operational software, migration to the cloud,

or unscalable software architecture are stumbling-clocks on your company's highway to growth and success. SaaS, digital services, and digital products delivery for customers and partners are inalienable clients' demands to stay competitive.

Outdated software from the 2000s can't stand evolving customers demands and real-time need.

Backoffice managers spend 20%+ time for daily operation using a monolithic software..

New revenue stream creation from digital services or digital products.

The customer’s APRU stopped growing or has decreased.

Fill the Gap Between
What is Used and What is Needed solutions offer open source fast code XME. platform for 4 weeks of application delivery to give you an independent power for an existing software extension with any new digital service or digital product. No vendor lock-in, unlimited flexibility and connectivity, real-time and omnichannel nature.



Retail innovations are hard to deliver and easy to evaluate what impact they would have on your revenue and operational performance.


Internet of Things

Every device can be smart enough to empower manufacturers with a new revenue stream and IoT monetization scenarios. Do you plan a software upgrade to fit Industry 4.0 standards or to create additional business services on top of the devices?

  • SaaS creation.

  • Migration to cloud.

  • IT ecosystems integration.

  • New digital service or product on top of the existing devices.

  • 5G, LoRaWAN devices management.

  • Firmware management.

  • Lifecycle management.



ARPU increasing is not about the magic it is about Customer Journey design and Customers Offers management based on their behavior not marketing assumptions.

  • Digital BSS.

  • Campaign management.

  • Migration to microservices.

  • 5G devices management.

  • 5G devices monetization.

  • MVNO-as-a-Service.

  • Back-office software EX improvement.

↓ 16% order processing cost

↓ 10% customer satisfaction increasing

50 orders/day easily processed by 1 employee

2x upsales growth

↓ 21%

staff mistakes


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