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A Fast Migration to the
Cloud Digital BSS
with Platform

Are you a community or national provider of mobile, internet, and TV services? Seeking how to ensure your customers benefit from the best innovations available in the market? BSS transformation is a key to a new level of customer service that could be a powerful specialty to compete in the market.


Mobile virtual network operator is a private networks rollout possibility for connected and IoT Devices or any mobile or internet appliance. Decrease development cost twice with a fast-code platform

5G Monetization Solutions

Are you ready for new revenue streams? 5G business models allow earning more by providing new digital services for B2B and B2C customers.

Service Delivery

Integration platform or a connectivity solution? With an open source fast-code platform you do need to choose. One platform to meet all your integration, connectivity and middleware needs.

to Microservices

Legacy software migration to add new possibilities for Customer Management, Product Catalog, and Self-service. Start from the Business Analysis stage to create a holistic migration strategy.

Digital BSS Enabler

BSS software open-source framework and fast-code platform for telecom processes. Scalable application deployment, multitenancy, private or public cloud deployment (AWS, Azure, etc.)

Migration to Cloud Solutions Builder

BSS design to make cloud migration and cloud monetization manageable. Pre-defined logic to make change management flexible, ready to use components to build new digital services for customers.

Digital BSS
to create a digital ecosystem

Simplified and powerful fast-code platform to transform legacy environments into a unified cloud-native digital business. Service-oriented business process builder supports the whole 360° Customer journey from self-service and customer portal to billing and balance management and connected devices maintenance. Digital BSS gives power to scale and embed new revenue streams and business services based on virtualized services, IoT, 5G and cloud apps. allows to operate both traditional and value-added services (B2B2X) business models.


From Customer portal to Devices, Assets Management

One platform to manage all core BSS components for your business. Trusted by providers, serves 40+ million of customers worldwide.


Customer Management, Product & Service Catalog, Billing & Ballance Management, Devices & Resources Management, Real-Time Campaign Management components to build your own BSS solution.


Digital BSS as
a digital business enabler

Digital products and services allow cloud-based virtualized applications deliver for B2B and B2C customers. New business models demand infrastructure redesign and update to scale and make new applications and launch new services in weeks, not months.


Fast deployment, open-source framework, and ready-to-use components empower you with tools to innovate rapidly.

digital bss
Vodafone TechRadar.jpg

Eliminate change requests with modern technologies

Vodafone has chosen as one of the core platforms for Ukrainian software products. has become a part of Technolgy Radar created by Vodafone's development team to deliver one of the best telecommunication products for one of the largest telecom operators of Eastern Europe.

Reduce Total Ownership Cost on 43%

Platform Driven Economy
Solutions Builder

Change requests decreasing and customization possibilities increasing with a fast-code platform

No change
requests & vendor lock
with open code

Expensive software customization with black box solutions is gone. Fast-code open-source platform based on Java microservices could be easily managed by any middle developer or even business analysts. Update applications and BSS components with your team. Don’t waste time and money waiting for an endless vendor’s response.


Enterprise Product Catalog


Partner Management


Global Network Operations Center


Digital Billing & Revenue Management


Wholesale Billing


Enterprise Billing, Charging & Revenue Management


B2B Sales & Ordering








Connectivity upgrade

Any devices could be united into a privately managed network in the cloud or on-premise. Smart-homes and offices, Manufacturing 4.0, Covid-19 safety solutions, alarm safety systems. Everything could be manageable digitally with XME fast-code platform.


Create your business process, implement the best customer journey, deliver solutions millions would love to use. Iterate to make your digital products and services the best possible for clients.

B2B Self-enablement Platforms

Digital Sales & Customer Care

Self-service & Customer portal

Campaign Management

Business Intelligence

Real-time Data Control & Presentation

Loyalty Management


Cloud IT & Versatility

Migration into the cloud is not a buzz; it is a possibility to deliver your infrastructure-as-a-service to your partners and scale without technical limitations. offers a platform and a framework to build IT infrastructure as a holistic ecosystem in the private or public cloud - AWS, Azure, IBM. Choose any option to provide your growth.

Digital Experience & Sustainability

Create a seamless experience for your customers, employees, partners, and business processes. Make digital interactions easy, start thinking like a customer’s experience company, not a service provider.


Deliver sustainable solutions with an open-source fast-code platform to develop the best user experience for your stakeholders. solutions deliver
best Telco Practices to your door

We are happy to serve solutions for 40+ millions clients worldwide for the last 15 years.


As a result was chosen as a core platform

to deliver Vodafone digital projects and services.

Implements TM Forum™ eTOM Framework



Cloud & on-premise deployment


Extensible microservice architecture

Open API to every action


Event-driven architecture


Follows SOX guidelines


2d & 3d level support


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