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Top-5 Industries Where 5G Technologies Brought a Real Business Value

5G is considered to be as one of the most contraversions technology of the 20th century. It gives us opportunities and scares a lot. High speed, reduced latency, transfer of previously unthinkable volumes of data, cost reduction, and energy savings at a practical cost the new reality generation mobile network brings to the telecom.

When traditional business models have reached its revenue possibilities 5G becomes the telcos starting point in the run-up to burgeoning use cases featuring connected devices in nearly every industry.

Basically 5G technologies open emerging growth opportunities and revenue streams for mature markets, Victor Kmita, CEO

Leading European and American operators already have launched 5G commercially and now are looking for possibilities to build new digital services on top of this revolutionary technology.

European operators 5G map

The simplest 5G demonstration is people downloading Netflix full-length HD movies in seconds on their phones. But the fifth-generation would play a vital role in accelerating industrial transformation, recasting customer value propositions, and reinvigorating the digital society with.

This wireless technology can be used across three main services: IoT service platforms & device management, enhanced mobile broadband, and mission-critical communications. Designed for forwarding compatibility, 5G provides flexible support of upcoming services.

How 5G will change the market

How to Earn More with 5G?

5G technology is a great revenue stream enabler for gaming, retail, IoT and telecommunications industries. More powerful connection opens new possibilities.

#1 Gaming

5G provides game streaming with the ability of split rendering. Game servers will render scenes that can reduce heavy lifting on the client devices and improve the gaming experience. More 5G based monetization models can be found in our FREE 5G opportunities ebook.

#2 Retail

Virtualization. Interactive VR is the solution to the growing demands of the B2B retail market. 5G powered AR and VR sales tools can provide B2B customers with a unified experience outside and inside retail stores. Thus, IKEA offers clients to place furniture within their own homes virtually.

#3 IoT connectivity provider

Based on the typical 4G pricing model, telecom offers additional innovation and elements. Thus, b2b or b2c customers select a connectivity service package that varies with speed, quality-of-service levels, and pricing. But there is a risk of end-users misunderstanding the plan's value, which depends on tech functionality rather than on pure speed and data allowance.

#4 Telecommunications ecosystem enabler

Together with third parties, telecom operators cruft experiential products and services. This tactic turns the operator into a critical player that drives 5G innovation between third-party companies based on a customer-targeted model. When some company builds a high-potential prototype, it tests the innovation on the operator's network. Thus, the operator directly involved in commercial innovation and value creation processes. Discover the full list of new business models & revenue streams for Telco companies.

Which Telecom Companies Have Already Benefited from 5G

According to Forbes, there are carriers with 5G leadership today. Based on that list, we’ve collected the top 5 best 5G use cases from companies that passed the stage of public announcements identifying specific 5G related services.

T-mobile logo

  • The access to more than 100 mobile 5G cloud gaming titles and tournament & live game streaming was announced this year by the company.

  • TVision Home can monetize future 5G services with an Over-the-Top service for streaming in the home to extend to mobile.

  • Combining the IoT network and "solutions in a box" marketplace, Sprint aims to facilitate deployment by focusing on fleet and asset management, control and automation, mobile commerce, and "smart" houses.

Verizon wireless logo

  • One of the company’s visions of 5G services has been implemented in a healthcare app Medivis. Utilizing AR and 5G it’s aimed to improve surgical procedure outcomes.

  • Another Verizon 5G project is Verizon Ventures that support AI, IoT, and VR ideas of 5G services and apps development.

  • Vodafone Group, consumer and enterprise mobile service

Vodafone logo

  • Vodafone's 5G based electric car factory in Germany manufactures electric vehicles for cities. To ensure max flexibility, it uses wireless networks to connect the smallest cars’ tools and components by automating information flow and transparency.

  • Holographic calls. Vodafone has presented the first UK’s usage of 5G for a live 3D hologram calling. Thus, via live holographic 5G call Steph Houghton, England Women's Football Captain from Manchester had a fan meeting footballing tips with a fan from Newbury

Orange logo

  • Together with market leaders in the manufacturing industry, energy or transport, Orange develops 5G services and devices.

5G AR & VR usage for smart manufacturing
  • The bright example of such collaboration is the 5G smart factory. Orange and hi-tech manufacturer LACROIX Group experiment over 5G adoption within Symbiose project for featuring robots and autonomous vehicles. One of the 5G goals here is to provide the base for Spectral Applications AR headset technology augmented technicians will use to carry out maintenance tasks.

Discover more opportunities 5G brings to your business! Which new services can be built for your customers on top of innovative technology? Which monetization model to choose to earn more and increase customer's Life Time Value dramatically.


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