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We believe in a world where ideas can be converted in a valuable product really fast, so you can focus on a sustainable development of your business but not technical issues.

We help companies start their digital transformation towards industry 4.0 and new standards in business delivering.

We've created the platform based on our team and industry expertise in one of the most demanding industries - telecommunications. We used to work efficient, fast and always keep our hands on new technologies and best practices.

We build a reliable and transparent relationship with our clients with our effective and proven delivery life-cycle of business analysis and support.


                                                                                                                                        Victor Kmita, CEO Values

  1. Support local communities and contribute knowledge sharing for beginners and specialists.

  2. Diversity and equal rights and opportunities for men and women.

  3. Our team is our heart. We invest in relations building, education and knowledge growing to help our employees feel comfortable and be a part of XME family.

  4. Sustainable business workflows and activities. We are delivering social projects which are valuable for our community gratis.

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