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Firmware updates secured through the partnership established by NetRise and Solutions selects NetRise as a key provider to unfold the risks posed by Firmware updates of IoT and connected devices.

Firmware updates secured through the partnership established by NetRise and Solutions

According to research released by G2, approximately half of respondent companies used low code platforms for rapid application development. Still, 25% of organizations have security concerns with low-code developed apps. While the number of IoT devices is growing at an exponential rate, organizations feel safer having everything under control, understanding threads and reacting fast to the many risks present in a firmware image.

With the exponential growth in the number of connected devices across all industries, security and visibility at the device level have become more important than ever.. Take the recent surge in attacks on North American healthcare providers as an example. These attacks are a direct result of insecure systems that were built rapidly, with security being a secondary thought.

"Device security is a horizontal problem; it is not relegated to a particular vertical, industry, or sector. Just as every company came to grips with the fact that they needed visibility on their laptops and desktops to prevent traditional cyber-attacks, visibility into these device classes is the next logical step," says Thomas Pace, Co-founder & CEO, NetRise

When creating any kind of software business solution, there are always a number of steps aimed to secure the code: Limited access provision, Code screening, and Multi-tenant architecture, to name a few.

A company, as a client, puts data, access, and control into a vendor's hands. Our task is to respond to their trust accordingly. We at guarantee scalable architecture, twice faster application delivery, extensible databases, no integration headache, and limitless business logic. And security awareness, too," says Victor Kmita, CEO & Founder, LLC

NetRise has developed an automated, cloud-based platform that provides a comprehensive insight into the many risks present in a firmware image. These risks and their associated artifacts are presented in a clear and concise manner allowing consultants, operators and SOC analysts alike to take appropriate action and begin to address the risks presented by firmware in their environment. is a Low-Code Application platform to launch any cloud or on-premise solution MVP in 4 weeks. The platform offers sustainable software to create a perfect customer experience for any real-time business industry (Retail, Telecommunication, IoT, etc.) for all parties involved: manufacturer, distributor, customers. It can help to manage 1 million+ device management worldwide.


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