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XME Team 2021 Year Achievements

There's a lovely tradition on the last days of the year: to revise all achievements of the previous year and write a resolution for the next one.

XME Team 2021 Year Achievements

No doubt, 2021 was The Year of Progress for the Team. We improved the product and built long-term solid relationships with new and existing partners and clients. Thank them all for being with us during this interesting year.

More to go, we have big plans for the following year. Isn't it the best time to collect pleasant memories and create a list of achievements? Everybody does that, don't they?

Anyway, let's bring some results in front.

Boooy, we've done so many things on projects, on technology and on service, too. To mention the latest: we implemented Multi-Tenancy, Identity Provider (IdP), JSON-B into the product. It gives new opportunities for connections with various systems from the clients' side, simplifies the development team's project realization, and, most importantly, increases client data security. Also, a brief review of other recent updates:

  • New dashboards model on the brand new UI

  • Chats integration

  • Powerful plugin for Idea IDE development

  • Over 700 thousand accounts passed through the system

Thanks to the commitment and interest of our colleagues, we took part at the Chernihiv.IT Education Meetups and launched Annual Scholarship in partnership with the University for the elderly people "Proton."

We feel the responsibility to build a better future for our kids. We care to support older people in transitioning to the new technology-dependent world. We now help one such person achieve new goals at the age of 70 by sponsoring her education at Proton University for the whole year! We are proud of you, Elena Kvita!

Migration is not only about software. It's about moving towards a sustainable future. We consider that by sharing the ideas of support and help, we can build responsible communities ready to change the world around us.

Remote became routine, and our colleagues spread through several countries: Canada, Georgia, Cyprus, Poland, and Ukraine. But it's so lovely seeing each other from time to time in the office when you suddenly decide to dress up and shift yourself out from home, and someone suddenly decides to do the same. Even more exciting when someone unexpectedly arrives from another country.

Pandemia stays with us longer than anyone expected. We've all had to adapt to a "new normal," although that looks different for every person. For us, it was working (and living) primarily online.

This year we learned how to communicate, build projects, stay productive and motivated online. We dress up for calls, take pets on our hands, calm kids in the background, and do whatever is needed to listen to each other and create something more than just 'work'. We feel each other even when distributed worldwide.

This year, we've made a digital solution to digitize the COVID-19 rapid turnaround testing process in association with SEAD Software. Clarity Lab Solutions provides on-site coronavirus testing for travellers and the general public now operational in California and New York, adding new sites monthly.

We also became a member of the Continental Automated Buildings Association (CABA). Hand to hand with nearly 400 other companies who are actively learning, networking, and advancing their business in the smart buildings/homes industry in Canada.

Hundreds of thousands of people worldwide are using solutions built with an platform, and it's so fascinating!

Read the first article about the Internet of Behaviors in the Real Estate Domain we shared on the CABA Journal

Our colleagues in Canada visited The Building Show 2022 in Toronto to build new connections and be inspired by the latest technologies in mind. It took place in December, and it was the first exhibit our team members actually visited offline since 2019. It was an exciting return!

What's next?

It's called New Year because the best new things can happen.

'For the team, it will be a future development of an IoT platform and serving enterprises worldwide on their way for a sustainable digitized future,' says Victor Kmita, CEO

These we already cover with

  • Designing environment for creating business rules and policies;

  • Building Pipelines & Tools for software/firmware updates

  • Controlling deployment location of business logic, policies and other capabilities

  • Monitoring of device health & status

  • Management of access control list for data by both people and processes (e.g. APIs)

  • Monitoring of device connectivity status

I can't wait to discover what we will be able to do by the end of the following year!

Have a great 2022!


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