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Developers & Business Owners


working hours saved annually for one dev team


faster solutions delivery


annual savings for a mid-sized enterprise


4 week or 4-month delivery? Fast-code platform & ready-to-use Components speed up product development. Serve innovations to your customers, employees and partners faster.

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Distribution management

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One-stop-shop for Retail

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IoT management solutions

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Sensors network management

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Platform for corporate prototyping

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Supply chain optimization

Digital Solutions Shop

Implement the most challenging ideas fast


Any device, service, platform or application could be connected and united in holistic ecosystem of digital services for your clients or team. gives freedom of choice and power of integration.

Save more time and efforts by using customizable solutions for Retail, IoT, and Telecommunications. Use proven solutions to increase digital transformation performance and get a higher ROI of innovations.


Business Models Become Outdated in 30 months. Before Digitalization they Could Last Successfully for 30 years. Don’t stick to one platform or solution. Experiment with services and products to find what works best.

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Corporate Startup & Prototyping

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Retail & Customer Services

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Cloud Services & SaaS

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Custom Logistics Services

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Telecom & IoT Networks

Implement your ideas 53% faster than your competitors with

Each digital application becomes a new revenue stream

47% Innovations Launching Speed Buff

No extra specialists, no hidden costs

Less technical risks to mitigate

Native system extension on many levels


Solutions based on Microservice architecture can reduce technical debt and are more sustainable for business and environment; they offer costs and impact reducing.

Microservice architecture with

Easier API Management, Fast Integration & Wide Connectivity with many systems

Operational Efficiency Enhancement

Open Source

Sustainable software solutions build with open-source platforms help to reduce technical debt, contribute to the community and be flexible in software partner choice.


Enterprise software quality to decrease time to market of your business ideas: secure multi-tenancy, extensible microservice architecture, 24x7 support, and centralized authentication & security.



in weeks with the power of XME.platform!


Receive additional revenue


White-labeled solutions for your SaaS ideas. Validate the idea in 4 weeks and create a full-grade MVP  for your first customers. No vendor lock, endless scaling possibilities to become a Unicorn.

Use to scale and innovate within existing business

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