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Keep Pace with
Fast Changing World

Business Models Become Outdated In 30 Months offers both - fast-code platform to reduce new ideas & services time-to-market twice and an experienced delivery center to help your team with implementation.

Each part of the business is struggling with upcoming changes. Retail innovations, Digital BSS, IoT, Connectivity, 5G, Employee Experience, Customer-centered digital services & digital products are not buzz words; it’s an ineligible part of today’s economy changes. Is your company flexible enough to digitize innovations in weeks, not in years?

XME.Company Principles solutions team is a family of open-minded innovators and believers. We are sure that each business idea can be transformed into a minimum valuable product in the shortest terms, this allows our clients to focus on sustainable business development while we can handle all the technical issues. vision is based on our core values:

There are no impossible ideas - there are only complex business challenges

Contributing to open-source code keeps IT environment cleaner and eco-friendlier by source code reusage

Enabling a digital services ecosystem increases solution flexibility, longevity, and customers' satisfaction level

Investing in the team is our core value. We support women who code and local communities. Products made by happy people have better karma and fewer mistakes. 

Our proven delivery life-cycle is a mix of business analysis and support makes us reliable vendor sensitive to the client's pain-points and needs

Less technical debt gives more opportunities to scale and decrease Total Cost of Ownership

Does Your Company Need
An Update?


Our team created this survey to help you admit whether your company's software need an update according to the modern IT trends. There are only 5 questions you need to answer to get a clear understanding of changes you may need.

How old is your back and front office solutions?

A LEGO® Principle Of The One-Stop-Shop Solution

Holistic customer-centered & employee-centered solutions based created with the power of service-design are not magic. It’s a question of proper solution architecture and business processes design. Our team possesses 20+ years of experience in digital services & products, engineering, and delivering. We know how to launch new digital ideas properly. All this knowledge and best industry standards are the ingredients of the solutions shop power, and some magic as well for sure!

◦ Middleware applications

◦ Integration-as-a-Service

◦ Custom enterprise application development


Legacy solutions, systems & ERP enriching with new technologies and features

Compliment ERP extensions

Omnichannel management & processes design


Existing applications and systems upgrade & re-engineering

Existing systems and applications re-engineering

◦ Value added services           digitization


Business process and services digitalization: operational, inner, customer

A Power Of The Fast-Code Platform

Open Source

Enterprise delivery

24/7 Support

Business logic is kept

Microservice architecture

Open-source version for corporate prototyping or Enterprise grade full-pack with 24/7 2d & 3d level support to deliver high-class digital products & services as fast as possible. Choose any option; benefits will remain the same. was built as XM^ONLINE in 2015 by a team of enthusiasts to deliver the best knowledge from the telecom industry to other business domains. In 2017 we started contributing and have released an open-source version to support startups worldwide with the best software architecture frameworks. Two years later, we deliver the first version of IoT platform to help manufacturers manage & monetize their devices better, whether they work with B2B or B2C clients. solutions are continually growing to serve your business with the best digital transformation experience.

3rd party solutions integration

API Management

Real-time processing

Digital trasformation based on the application architecture transition

Employee experience management

High Scalability


Vendor's Independence

Corporate prototyping tool

Customer-centered digital services & products

Any Retail Solutions Challenger

Omnichannel & order management middleware solutions to make real-time processing reality and increase customers’ Life Time Value (LTV). Transformation of existing back-office solutions decreases employee mistakes and makes any analytical data achievable in seconds, not in hours. follows APQC® standards & frameworks. Digital transformation results from our clients:

◦ Customer service speed increases by 30%.
◦ Employee mistakes decrease by 15%.
◦ New employee onboarding process accelerated by 25%+.

◦ Call processing time reduced by 25%.

"Digital Transformation is a path from as-it-is to how-it-should-be. We know the shortest way and 15 years of proven experience. Best Frameworks & 


Delivery models are at your disposal, we are glad to be a part of our clients journey to success."

Iryna Manukovska,


A Solid Digital Dome For IoT Devices

From device firmware & software delivery and update to PKI management and monetization models to roll-out connected devices’ network in 4 weeks. follows Forum™ standards & frameworks. Digital services ecosystem building for all parties involved: manufacturer, distributor, customers. solution can help to manage 1 million+ device management worldwide.

"We’ve create a platform to help you to manage your devices. So you can focus on business side, not technical one as our clients did."

Ievgen Chupryna,

Delivery Manager, LLC

Image by Tiomothy Swope

Telecom Enterprises Growth Booster

Digital BBS solutions delivery & migration, the transition from monolithic to microservice architecture to scale up your business capabilities and flexibility. Middleware solutions to enrich existing BSS and ERP systems: product catalog, customer information, and billing & balance management. follows Forum™ standards & frameworks. Total Telecom awarded business Support System Swap project delivery for Telecom operator with 1M of subscribers.

" is originally based on Telco industry experience. For the last 20 years the telecom industry has changed dramatically as XME. did.

Solutions needed to support Telecommunication in 2021 demand a holistic approach to a Digital Services Ecosystem building."

Victor Kmita,

CEO & Founder, LLC



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