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December 2021 LinkedIn News Digest

Internet of Things Goes to Space with Small Satellite Sensors

Rocket Lab announced the launch of 25 small satellite sensors by Kinéis in 2023 to fill terrestrial coverage gaps. New devices will help to track shipping containers anywhere in the world.

Alexandre Tisserant, CEO at Kinéis, admitted, "Due to 25 nanosatellites in space, what had originally been one or two hours of waiting for a signal will be reduced to only ten minutes."


Lenovo Launches Global Everything-as-a-Service Strategy

Lenovo boosts its business model by introducing Lenovo TruScale, a new portfolio-spanning everything-as-a-service offering. The company is bringing all of its as-a-Service offerings under one umbrella to help customers prepare for the dynamic business environment.


How IoT is Shaping ITSM Strategies

Recently, IT Business Edge shared insights on how the Internet of Things shapes a usual IT Service Management (ITSM) and what to do with it. All the enterprises implementing IoT should remember it will change their approach to ITSM. Following the advice, companies have to prioritize IoT data quality over its quantity, create flexible & decentralized ITSM strategies.


WorldGBC’s Net Zero Carbon Buildings Commitment

How platforms can track emissions from IoT devices. 44 companies signed WorldGBC Net Zero Carbon Buildings Commitment to consolidate their ambition as sustainability evangelists.

The Commitment determines compulsory action to decarbonize the built environment across parties' portfolios and business activities, representing an annual turnover of $85 bln.


Laying the foundation to accelerate the enterprise IoT journey

We're glad to share a recent interview with Wienke Giezeman, CEO & Co-founder at The Things Industries, on accelerating the enterprise IoT journey. The speaker told McKinsey about barriers to implementation, tools, risks, and opportunities accompanying the Internet of Things.


IoT Now and Beecham Research to launch first interactive ‘IoT World Map’ for End Users

At last, all data concerning IoT was turned into one interactive world map for end-users. IoTNow and analyst house Beecham Research created this spectrum as a marketplace for easy searching the right IoT products, services, and vendors.

IoT World Map


Lenovo Launches the Kind City

The company launched the Kind City project able to create a kindness-based future for all social groups. Lenovo connects this goal achievement with technology adoption.

"Technology can and will make the future kinder, more inclusive, and more equitable," says John Gordon, President of Industry Solutions at Lenovo. "In cities, this means providing smarter technology for all — across socio-economic or cultural backgrounds — including both devices and solutions."


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