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January 2022 LinkedIn News Digest

January 2022 LinkedIn News Digest

IoT Platform Companies Landscape 2021/2022: Market consolidation has started

Recently IoT Analytics launched its report on current conditions for the IoT market. Following it, only the most resilient companies withstood the pandemic crisis and are spreading the Internet of Things services now. The market is concentrating further around a few providers: AWS, Microsoft, Google Cloud, and Alibaba.


3D Digital Twins, IoT, and the Future of Decarbonization

The U.S. public and private sectors use over 18% of local primary energy. That's why companies and institutions targeting commercial buildings do all their best to reduce energy consumption and decarbonize.

IIoTWorld reports that facilities will be eco-friendly sooner we expected. Businesses turn to IoT, 3D platforms, and Digital Twin technology to monitor and manage energy usage. University campuses, government offices, and medical facilities will be pioneers.


New elevator data tells the story of the movement of people in cities globally

KONE, a famous elevator and escalator manufacturer, told the story about the flow of people in cities worldwide during the pandemic.

The company analyzed collected IoT data and discovered that return to office buildings in large European cities has remained at 60% of pre-pandemic levels as of 2021. In November, the flow of people slowed because of a new coronavirus variant.


Report: Five Best Practices of Leading IoT Adopters | Oracle's Andrew De La Torre

Andrew De La Torre, Group Vice President at Oracle Communications, commented on what buyers think about IoT solutions and how they look to buy into IoT.

An Oracle survey of 800 decision-makers showed that 2/3 of respondents prefer “off-the-shelf” IoT solutions to custom-built offerings. "Following results, 90% of the Internet of Things projects are crucial for business development," admitted Andrew De La Torre admitted. He also shared his opinion about a paradigm shift in this segment.


Women in the tech industry: Gaining ground, but facing new headwinds

Deloitte reports that large tech enterprises will continue to close the gender gap the next year. There will be only 2% more women employees than in 2019. "But even such a slight increase is already a huge progress," the company admits.

The case is, a poll of 500 women in the global technology, media, and telecommunications showed that their satisfaction with work/life balance dropped by 38 points in the post-pandemic period.


IOTech and Building System Integrators Collaborate to Increase Efficiencies in HVAC, BAS and EMS Systems

IOTech cooperates with Building System Integrators to increase the control and management capabilities for building systems like HVAC, BAS, and EMS.

"The work of the partnership will result in advanced equipment connectivity, edge processing, and edge management capabilities for businesses and enterprises such as mission-critical facilities, commercial office buildings, distribution centers, financial institutions, and healthcare and educational campuses," reports


Top 25 Industrial IoT Influencers for 2021

CBT defined the most famous Industrial IoT influencers for 2021.

The company has compiled a list of the most popular influencers sharing valuable insights from the IIoT World. "Such news can motivate companies to move forward for digital transformation goals achievement," admits CBT.


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