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Retail Employee Engagement Solutions: Overview

Retail Employee Engagement Solutions: Overview

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Why Employee Engagement Solutions Matter

According to the latest JOLTS report by the US Bureau Of Labor Statistics, the retail industry is among the top ten ones with the highest quit level. In total, 955 thousand employees quit in February-March 2021.

What leads to such crazy turnover? Active work, stress, or excessive communication? — Unfortunately, it's just an employer's indifference. Many retailers ignore the wellness of their staff and fail.

We offer to discover how to satisfy employees and make them reliable partners in achieving global business goals.

Let's turn to employee engagement software.

What Is Employee Engagement Software?

An employee engagement system (EES) is software that allows you to present business goals to staff and motivate employees to perform them, eliminating all personal or organizational factors that can interfere with target achievement. EES prevents employee turnover and saves your staff from burnout, maintaining a positive attitude towards work. Do you remember office task managers who reward you with a star for each timely completed task? Or maybe weekly HR polls, like "How do you rate your mood?" — That's about it.

In the latest COVID-19 circumstances, such product implementation has become a skyrocketing trend. Following the Report Consultant's prediction, employee engagement market revenue will grow to $75.7 bn by 2028.

Three Pieces of Motivation For Employee Engagement System Implementation

Now let's be honest. Why does retail need it?

To begin with, there are a lot of specialists involved in this industry. According to IBIS World data, in 2021, the number of jobs in the US supermarkets & grocery stores segment is more than 2.6 million. The US retail market for shoes boasts a slightly lower figure — 2.5 million jobs.

Imagine what the business will be like if all these people stop getting involved in their work.

It seems that attention to employees is a vital thing. Here are some reasons why employee engagement solutions can help you take care of them.

1. It allows one to notice merit.

Each specialist needs a reward for the flawlessly performed work. Moreover, everyone should be rewarded commensurate with the involvement. Employee engagement system enables management to remain fair to staff by tracking its activity and providing real-time feedback.

2. EES brings work interest back.

Sooner or later, even the most dedicated employees will no longer feel a genuine interest in what they do. The software can postpone this moment. Sometimes +2 day-offs next month or a certificate for tennis lessons will give staff a second wind.

3. The product shapes the corporate culture.

According to Indeed, 46% of job seekers do not apply for companies with questionable corporate culture. The employee engagement system promotes the correct corporate values development. The product teaches management to listen and hear, eliminate strict subordination and turn routine work into a fascinating adventure.

Employee Engagement System Implementation

Retail Employee Engagement Software Samples

Survey Products

This group of solutions is the simplest in this area. Here employees answer questions about their attitudes towards work, colleagues, challenges, internal satisfaction, etc. The HR department proceeds such data to ensure a prompt response to any arising issues.

Examples: Leapsome, Qualtrics

Reward Solutions

The core concept here is gamification. It turns routine work into a competition, a game where the winner receives a prize. Such products largely support sales teams. Usually, it is a part of other systems, like CRM or Point of Sales (POS). The combination with POS seems to be more curious. Its interface conveniently displays the scope of daily tasks. The employee's activity within the system confirms or refutes the progress. Flawless POS integration with almost all vital enterprise systems allows you to track the performance from different angles and provide more accurate feedback.

Employee Recognition Software

These complex systems contain performance management, surveys, gamification, goal planning, training modules, and other features necessary to ensure well-being.

Emotions Tracking Solutions

"Now more than ever, retailers must take an active interest in their employees’ mental health and well-being," - convinced Lisa Adukia, Manager at Gap Inc.

Because of this corporate position, Gap Canada introduced the Not Myself Today program, supported by the Canadian Mental Health Association. The goal of this innovation is to preserve the mental health of employees.

A fascinating invention in this area is the Moodbeam wristband, designed by the eponymous US startup. The gadget informs management about the level of employees' mental satisfaction. The creators believe that such an innovation is very welcome since the depression caused by the pandemic has a detrimental effect on business development.

People Success Data Platforms

These products use psychological techniques, forcing employees to program themselves for the business goals performing. A system analyzes previous employees' activity data and forms a prediction about their future labour achievements. It looks like an accurate horoscope.

Example: Glint


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