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November 2021 LinkedIn News Digest

We are excited to participate, as the previous year's event was online due to well-known reasons. But here we go again! Both online and offline. To expand the knowledge base, make great connections, build new opportunities.


Following a Retail Council of Canada survey, shoppers plan to spend more on these holidays and do it in brick-and-mortar stores.

"Canadians are ready to put the disruption of COVID behind them and are looking forward to returning to brick-and-mortar stores," says Diane Brisebois, CEO of the Retail Council of Canada.


Soul Machines created digital humans for customer services and public outreach.

In the future, this technology risks changing the way businesses use labour and becoming a popular way of serving the metaverse.


Kerlink today announced an indoor gateway that offers a new operational approach critical for massive IoT.

Soon, the constructions domain can leverage the new LoRaWAN indoor gateway scaling the IoT ecosystems. This innovation by Kerlink ensures quick installing, flexible optimized backhaul versions, and zero-touch provisioning.


Multi-tenancy is how we in XME stay responsive to business needs and keep client satisfaction at the highest level. Each client receives personalized attention from the business - with the Schema Based Approach, which we now use to ensure data security and decrease manual work for the support team. Business, clients, and technical specialists will finally sleep tight at night: data is secured.


The solution is designed to support the IoT technology spreading and simplify the received data analysis. Announcing Smart Supply Chain, the company appeals to resiliency and business rationality.

"Bell is uniquely positioned to provide organizations with a comprehensive, cloud-based IoT platform to gather insights and help them make better decisions faster," - shares Jeremy Wubs, Bell's Senior VP, Marketing for Bell Business Markets.


Recently, IoT Analytics introduced six Internet Of Things adoption trends for 2022. Among them: accelerating the technology implementation, raising the number of use cases on boosting operations.


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