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October 2021 LinkedIn News Digest

IoT platform. IoT integration platform. IoT low code platform. IoT orchestration platform. Have you already got confused in terms?

If so, our new Buyer's Guide will help you find a foothold in the diversity of offers from vendors. Below you can find more about what is what, what the advantages each platform can boast of, and how companies use different IoT platforms in practice.


"5G should be affordable," - convinced by T-Mobile. Until recently, the US media discussed the operator's new tariffs for new generation usage. In its recent press release, the company announced a return of the previous subscription fee - $50 per month. Moreover, T-Mobile said it would not charge any fees for installing, activating, or renting equipment.


In previous years companies were focusing on differentiator factors to drive margin, in the digital era, digital products and services are the ways to stay competitive.

Decades enterprises were focusing on acquisition deals to drive growth, in the digital era, there is a leapfrog strategy in matching digital capabilities.

"Legacy companies looking to make comparable performance improvements should start by revisiting the classic strategy moves", says the latest McKinsey & Company report.


Google for energy efficiency, a zero-footprint, and real estate domain growth.

The company has announced the launch of several new features for its Nest thermostat, calling it the Nest Renew program. This way, Google tries to bring the real estate sector to the environmental protection mainstream.

The new functionality will also cut the cost of heating due to cheaper energy usage.

Following RMI, products like Nest Renew could reduce around 50 million metric tons of CO2 per year if 10 million households participate. Hopefully, lots of facilities will try the upgraded version of Nest.


Thousands of sensors and hundreds of devices - what we expect to manage in any office or household in four years. Over 75 billion IoT devices would be in public use by 2025, to operate them IoT platforms should be used and designed. Digital service platforms for smart devices and sensors are already in use by manufacturers and telecommunication companies. Public services and private use are next in line.


We love Gartner for the best helicopter view ever. New technology rider with the most trendy techs is here. Today technologies are not separated from what they are used for - Business Enablers, Interfaces & Experiences, Personal & Work productivity. solutions are proud to be a part of the Business Enabler stack. In line with 5G, Tokenization, Smart Contracting, and Productization of Data we make business needs not dreams, but real software products!


Amazon has launched the IoT home robot Astro, able to replace dozen of sensors around a house.

BBS news reports that the device has various functionality, performing everything from house patrolling to checking pets. It seems like a new approach to traditional smart house creation. This way, Amazon strives to show that lots of gadgets are not compulsory for IoT convenience. Sometimes it is enough to buy the robot Astro for $ 999.99 to ensure it.


Vodafone IoT Spotlight Report showed 84% of respondents felt the IoT had ensured operation continuity during the pandemic. It allowed enterprises to keep in touch with employees, customers, and suppliers.

The IoT has become a magic wand for lots of industries during the pandemic. The power of technology, the ingenuity of engineers, and the business-side flexibility were driving factors for the Internet of Things skyrocketing.

Fortune Business Insights predicts global IoT market value will increase from $250.7 bln in 2019 up to $ 1 463 bln by 2027.


Expo 2020 Dubai has started and we are fond of the Sustainability Pavilion. This venue connects nature and technologies just how they should be in the real world."Every day, more and more of us take a sustainable path towards a future where we all live in balance with our only home: Planet Earth. As we join forces, small actions grow into positive global movements that will help communities protect and preserve the world around us".


Cisco and AT&T boost IoT application performance with 5G together.

Companies provide automotive, manufacturing, and entertainment industries with high bandwidth for flawless apps operation.

According to William Stovall, VP of Mobility, IoT, and 5G at AT&T, this alliance will help customers securely deploy IoT applications and get more value out of them.


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