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Digital BSS in Telecom Industry 2022

Digital BSS in Telecom Industry 2022

In this Article

1. Why Do Telco Enterprises Need BSS/OSS?

2. All You Should Know About BSS: Areas of Influence

3. Digital BSS Telecom Trends in 2022

3.1 Migration to the Cloud

3.2 Implementation of Industry 4.0 Technologies

3.3 RAN Usage

4. What is Digital BSS: a Complex System or a Set of Independent Solutions

5. BSS Improving: Where to Start?

5.1 #1 Define What BSS Level You Need

5.2 #2 Create a Roadmap

5.3 #3 Boost Your Business Processes & IT Infrastructure

5.4 #4 Eliminate Your Weaknesses First

6. Fast-code Platform for Efficient Telecom BSS Creation & Modernization


2022 promises to become a year of reinventing and business models changing. Now, flexibility demand is higher than ever. In post-pandemic conditions, we pin our hopes on telecom companies. They are the central link in corporate and household communication now. And, as practice shows, this trend will stay with us forever. So, how do they surprise customers and fit their expectations?

The rapid tech development opens new opportunities. 5G and IoT are here to help enterprises enter cross-industrial partnerships and create scalable cloud platforms for any business needs. Whether it is a new IoT network rollout or digital services launch, Business Support System is a backbone for innovative, client-oriented solutions.

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That’s why I suggest you consider this tool from A to Z here.

Why Do Telco Enterprises Need BSS/OSS?

A business Support System (BSS) is an infrastructure of digital solutions. It helps companies in the telco industry to automate their business operations.

It acts on a client’s side in contrast with the Operation Support System (OSS). Meanwhile, OSS establishes control processes for a network and its equipment.

Each system is used by Communications Service Providers (CSP) and is needed to support quality telecommunication services.

BSS has a few primary targets like:

  • making client-related processes more organized and agile

  • improving customer experience

  • creating versatile products and offers

  • finding a suitable solution for any client and domain

  • supporting cooperation with partners

  • increasing the ARPU level

According to the Allied Market Research prediction, the OSS/BSS market value will grow from $36.8 bln in 2019 to $102.14 bln by 2027. The demand for these systems is ballooning because of fierce competition and a big desire to launch new services.

All You Should Know About BSS: Areas of Influence

BSS is a sort of IT infrastructure connecting CSPs and their subscribers. Hence, it affects all business processes relating to this interaction. Let’s see how it can change relevant areas of activity for the better.

Digital BSS Telecom Trends in 2022

Migration to the Cloud

Every man and his dog heard the telecom industry migrates to the cloud by leaps and bones. It became a tradition since, in 2022, CSPs will continue to expand their BSSs functionality due to the cloud. This way, companies receive desirable scalability, convenient management & software maintenance, low operational costs, and sustainability.

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Implementation of Industry 4.0 Technologies

Telecom will perform a CAPEX applying 5G, IoT, AR/VR technologies, following giants like Vodafone, Telia, Orange, and Verizon.

5G will help them cover more regions, providing fast and seamless communication services. IoT will be an ally in collecting valuable customer data. AR/VR allows CSPs to keep in touch with subscribers 24/7 and expand their business models of cooperation with the healthcare, retail, real estate, and other domains.

RAN Usage

Open Radio Access Network (RAN) will be a widespread tool in 2022. Due to it, different-sized providers can configure already working solutions of famous CSPs to upgrade back-office operation and design advanced services. It’s predicted that RAN will increase competition.

The Covid-19 pandemic changed earlier forecasted scenarios of BSS development. Even now, it’s hard to imagine what trends in this area will wait for us tomorrow.

What is Digital BSS: a Complex System or a Set of Independent Solutions

The BSS covers and connects lots of segments in the telco business activity. So, it manages the entire mechanism for increasing profitability by providing quality services. Anyway, each of the controlled areas, like Product or Sales Management, needs its digital support. So, how to understand what BSS is: a united system or some independent solutions?

I asked Victor Kmita, CEO at, about it. He is convinced that the first option is more accurate.

Telecom BSS includes some standard models and entities. It’s like a body, since the operation of all of its components has the same goals. If one of them is absent or poorly organized, you cannot provide high-quality services.

Sure, later, these components can grow & develop independently, dividing into subsystems. But, anyway, Business Support System architecture should gather all these parts under one roof.»

Sometimes CSPs do not have enough resources to upgrade all components in one shot. Or they want to implement new services in the existing system. In such a case, it’s better to start with the high-priority areas and move towards goals step by step.

BSS Improving: Where to Start?

#1 Define What BSS Level You Need

There are three types of CSPs that use BSS of varying complexity.

  • Network Developer. Such CSPs act only as cellular service providers. They’re oriented just in B2C cooperation.

  • Service Enabler. This B2B-oriented provider applies Industry 4.0 technologies to its activity. It creates platforms and offers connectivity services.

  • Service Creator. CSPs that prefer cross-industrial cooperation for new B2B services creation. BSS has features that suit every provider's needs: from the simplest to the most complicated. So, define what CSP you are, and it will become clear what sort of BSS your business requires.

#2 Create a Roadmap

Think about your business development strategy: build or update it. Steady digital development tracking allows changing the plan and adopting a BSS to new conditions in a tight schedule.

#3 Boost Your Business Processes & IT Infrastructure

New BSS is not a magic wand. It will not bring desirable results without a suitable environment. Transform your legacy business processes and software to get the most out of a Business Support System. What exactly? You'll discover it when digging deeper into your business operations & conditions.

#4 Eliminate Your Weaknesses First

“The Telecom industry begins a BSS update from CRM or Billing Systems. Companies, having complicated procedures for calculating funds, pay attention to the last one. The primary task for other CSPs is to engage clients' subscribers. That’s why they improve a CRM system first. When a provider can boast of seamless operation of the above components, it usually updates the Service Catalog.”

Victor Kmita, CEO at Fast-code Platform for Efficient Telecom BSS Creation & Modernization

OSS/BSS are solutions that need a unified base. Here, it easily supports new digital technologies and allows their usage. Does this mean that the BSS should be improved periodically? - Certainly. But such a process becomes faster and much more convenient due to the is a versatile digital service platform where any provider can create or upgrade all parts of its Business Support System. Flexible frameworks for further development support 5G, IoT, and Cloud technologies. For over 10 years, CSPs have been upgrading here, an Enterprise Middleware, Real-Time Campaign Management sector, Self Service and Sales Portals, etc.

The service creation & execution environment enables 2 to 10 times faster time-to-market for new products, easier integration to other corporate and partner software. Besides, CSP can continue to use source codes for suitable solutions.

Thus, the fast-code platform services are appropriate for every time, goal, and strategy.

Still have questions? Contact experts to find better solutions for your business.

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