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BSS-as-a-Service: Does the Telecom Industry Need This Approach?

In this Article:

1. Reasons to Launch and Implement BSS-as-a-Service

1.1 Fewer Total Cost of Ownership

1.2 Endless opportunities for scaling

1.3 The absence of tech debt

2. Reasons to Bury the BSS-as-a-Service Idea

2.1 Lack of customization

2.2 Complex demand

3. Whap Up


The telecom domain remains the central point of all communications. The private sector uses it to organize smooth remote work and implement innovations. Individuals need telco services to keep in touch with the world through multiple channels.

But for communication service providers, this role means constant investment in business development and the creation of a competitive offering. They are hostages of the continuous race for supremacy. CSPs armed with robust BSS/OSS, built well-designed service creation environments and created flexible development strategies to stay afloat. But still, is there room for optimization?

Let’s talk about the BSS-as-a-Service as a solution for this telco pain. Is the BSS-as-a-Service idea worth considering? Maybe it’s a way to boost the industry, or vice versa - companies don’t need this approach at all.

Scroll down to discover the reasons for and against BSS-as-a-Solution to receive a deep understanding.

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Reasons to Launch and Implement BSS-as-a-Service

Fewer Total Cost of Ownership

Companies spend millions of dollars on setting up, hosting, maintaining, and improving custom Business Support Systems. It comes to several solutions, unifying with one goal - to ensure seamless integration with customers supercharging their experience.

BSS includes product catalog, billing, CRM, ERP, and other systems. It also gathers departments like marketing, IT, financial, and customer support under one roof. Fierce competition makes CSPs take care of each of these elements and integrations between them to increase their performance.

Meanwhile, BSS-as-a-Service can cover all duties concerning maintenance, new feature implementation, and regular updates. It means that businesses will be able to cut their operating costs and invest effort & money in high-priority projects.

Endless opportunities for scaling

Legacy BSSes always make companies face limited scalability. It’s pretty challenging to expand the software ecosystem and help it cope with an overload when it’s monolithic-based. CSPs continue their global BSS migration to the cloud and microservices to make this task easier.

However, cloud BSS-as-a-Service might be a great solution to this issue because of its unlimited scalability. No matter how many dozens of millions of subscribers you have. In this case, your BSS software can process their requests simultaneously without crashes and downtimes.

The absence of tech debt

Last but not least - BSS-as-a-Service might optimize your IT department’s operation. Developers will have time to devote to new service creation or your business growth support. Meanwhile, vendor-side people will take care of all updates, drawbacks, and improvements.

What does it mean for businesses?

  • Faster time-to-market for new offers

  • Better overall performance

  • Boosted employee experience

  • An ability to retain and engage talents

  • Room for implementation of cutting-edge innovations to go beyond a competition

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Reasons to Bury the BSS-as-a-Service Idea

Lack of customization

With a custom Business Support System, telco companies have a broad range of options for improving it following business needs. Meanwhile, the frequency and nature of updates aren't under the user's control when it comes to BSS-as-a-Service, because the burden is on the vendor's shoulders. CSPs can affect its solution concerning the direction of improvement, however, this process is costly.

Complex demand

Vendors will create BSS-as-a-Service architecture and decide on upgrading based on the general discovery of the entire telecom industry. They aim to cover basic needs and eliminate widespread business weaknesses. Meanwhile, most CSPs already use legacy Business Support Systems tailoring all business processes to them. The variety of scenarios and offerings on the telecom market can’t be covered with a versatile cloud solution since it will not consider the particular needs of each user.

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Whap Up

Considering all “for” and “against,” you probably discovered that the BSS-as-a-Service idea is bright rather than crazy. Moreover, companies like MDS Global have already launched this product to make the telco business environment more flexible and responsive.

The concept is proven, so you have two options to continue this niche development: use a cloud-based out-of-the-box tool or launch your version of BSS-as-a-Service. The first one will reduce operating costs, eliminate the development & maintenance burden, and satisfy your talents. The second one, among others, will allow you to transform your business model to expand new revenue streams.

So, how do you feel about the BSS-as-a-Service?

If you want to build a robust BSS-as-a-Service solution with a proven toolkit in a tight schedule - let us know. Our specialists will advise you on its efficient creation with the code platform.

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