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What Will Be the Foundation of Telco Service Creation Environment in 2023

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What Will Be the Foundation of Telco Service Creation Environment in 2023


This article shows the origins and importance of the telecom service creation environment and explains what components will support it in 2023.

The telecommunications industry remains one of the most competitive fields, where each communication service provider (CSP) tries to engage audiences in different ways, including launching new services. Telecom companies keep an eye on their offering functionality, additional value provision, and customer satisfaction to remain on the top. Mainly the above metrics belong to telecom services quality and development environment.

Read on to discover why the service creation environment here matters and what components you should consider to boost it in 2023.

What is Telecom Service Creation Environment?

A Telecom service creation environment (SCE) is a development environment or a set of connected software supporting the building and upgrading of telecom services. It helps companies put together a marketing knowledge base, deep research of a legal department, financial capabilities, and developers' effort to turn these components into valuable full-fledged services.

The service creation environment is almost the first thing CSP should pay attention to when performing digital transformation since it allows businesses to produce their main asset.

Legacy components of SCE might be a blocker on the way to a more intelligent approach, innovation, and faster time to market. Businesses try to modernize or replace them to head the race. Of course, the strategy and direction of such improvement totally depend on the company's condition and ultimate business goals. Meanwhile, we collected several tools you should try to apply because of their versatile nature and tremendous popularity.

What Tools & Technologies Will Help CSPs Build A Flexible Service Creation Environment

Digital BSS

The entire set of software responsible for smooth interaction with customers or Business Support System is one of the most crucial components of a CSP’s IT ecosystem. It helps companies share their values, services, and approach for better performance, increasing client lifetime value and customer satisfaction.

Digital BSS allows businesses to approach subscribers correctly and collect valuable information about their behavior & preferences. For you, Business Support System is like a personal private detective shadowing each of your clients and converting the collected data into insights helping you improve services.

This software helps CSPs create the base for the new offering and then - translate a new service doing its best to show its usefulness.

Businesses need to eliminate all BSS’s weaknesses they face to ensure better performance without crashes or other issues. Often companies prefer to empower BSS with new technologies (5G, IoT, AR/VR, Cloud) to boost scalability, simplify management procedures, broaden the coverage and grow audiences. Try to approach the Business Support System, turning it into your ally in the service creation process, and you’ll see how it might affect your company.

IoT Device Management Platform

In recent years, CSPs have been choosing the data-driven way to their business development by implementing IoT technology. It’s a pretty popular and efficient scenario because IoT allows companies to unify all business processes and components under one roof and manage them more conveniently than ever.

When it comes to service creation, IoT is the catalyst of all procedures performed to launch a new offering. It also helps managers receive accurate customer behavior data in real-time and build data models for behavioral predictions. It makes all hardware used to create a service work as an only unit preventing any weaknesses in its operation. It reduces the risk of downtime by providing valuable analytics, the above predictions, and in-time alerts.

Anyway, companies can’t apply IoT to the service creation process without an IoT device management platform, managing the operation of all connected gadgets. Its core purpose is to ensure systematic and intelligent management to:

  • remain on the same page with all employees involved in the service creation process

  • manage the service development from the one point

  • accelerate time to market owing to work optimization

Therefore, the faster you implement IoT led by a robust device management platform, the quicker you can use the endless capabilities of this technology and apply them to service creation for faster launching. You have several ways to get the device management platform. But the most reasonable of them is building with a low code platform, like XME one, to speed up the process and focus on customization, not on development from scratch. This good rush can give you a competitive advantage.

Digital Service Platform

CSPs usually have dozens of service options in their product catalogs. Just imagine that one telecom company might have special offers for different groups of customers: teenagers, students, parents, business people, office-workers, older people, etc.

They require appropriate management, constant monitoring, and upgrading following market conditions. Of course, if you just started your business activity, this solution will be handy in the future. Meanwhile, for fast-growing and large companies, it's essential to have one management point to retain subscribers and fix any weaknesses based on their honest feedback.

A digital service platform is an environment that can put your offering into one box. What does it give you when it comes to new service creation?

Well, first, it's knowledge. It helps you control your current services and generate ideas about new ones based on existing offerings.

Second: you'll use a digital service platform to compare your services' functionality with the one under development to prevent duplication.

Third, the digital service platform will support your initiative from day 1 after going live. So you will shadow the level of its popularity among subscribers by using a convenient approach.

You can also design a proven digital platform using code platform capabilities. This option will save your development costs, time for training & development and provide you with the unlimited opportunity to customize/upgrade it of your choice.

Wrap Up

New service creation is a responsible process on which your customer experiences and position in the telecom market depend. Well-designed service creation environment might guarantee your flourishing and further competitiveness.

The last two years were the most unexpected during the whole half of the century. So what will be the next? We don't know for sure, but we believe some things will never change. Innovative management, robust software, connected devices, and an optimized development cycle will always be in vogue.

To be on top in 2023, creating essential modern telecom services, you should implement or upgrade 3 core components of the service creation environment: BSS, IoT device management platform, and digital service platform.

Let us know if you need to build them faster and focus on your business logic. Our experts will advise you on the right approach and way to create cutting-edge products with the code platform.

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