• Iryna Manukovska

Vodafone has chosen XME.digital as one of the core software platforms

Last week SmartFlex (a product IT company that is part of the Vodafone Ukraine group) has published a Technolgy Radar - an overview of the Techniques & Principles, Languages & Frameworks, Platforms & Infrastructures, and Tools which are used to deliver one of the best telecommunication products for one of the largest telecom operators of Eastern Europe.

A TechRadar (technology radar) is the structured list of technologies organizations investing in, grouped into categories based on the usage scenario (Adopt, Trial, Assess, Hold) and type (Techniques & Principles, Languages & Frameworks, Platforms & Infrastructures, Tools).

The Technology Radar is a way to visualize a technology portfolio by mapping existing and emerging technologies.

XME.digital (former XM^ONLINE) is glad to be a part of Vodafone Ukraine’s innovation journey and Digital Business Support Systems development!

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