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Digital Platform as a Solution of Supply Chain Issues: Case Study

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Supply Chain Issues Could be Solved: Success Story


This article highlights the critical supply chain weaknesses revealed by the pandemic, war, and global instability. It shows how supply chain companies can cover them using relevant digital solutions.

One way or another, events affect businesses and make them change the game's rules. It happens with the supply chain field affected by the pandemic first, the Russian-Ukrainian war now, and, following predictions, the global food crisis in the future. Reputable media like The New York Times and Guardian reports that it's not the end and the situation might be even worse.

"We lived under the assumption that products and resources can move freely across geography. When that's no longer true, it has massive implications. You can adapt in the long term, but short-term recovery is excruciating."

Therefore retailers, manufacturers, agricultural companies, and other businesses related to the supply chain look for a solution to stay afloat. Some implement digital twins, while others - IoT, AI, and other technologies optimize routes and use accurate analytics... However, as practice shows, even the most accurate predictions and the latest technologies are powerless under some challenges.

Working with our Ukrainian partners, we discovered the core weaknesses of the supply chain and found a way to eliminate them. Scroll down to find out how our solution helps Ukrainians build businesses from scratch in unfavorable conditions, deliver goods, medicine, humanitarian aid, and other items, and how it might support the global supply chain.

How to Fix Supply Chain Difficulties with Digital Platform: Case Study Details

The most effective solutions are always on the surface. But we tend to ignore them. The sad events in Ukraine have managed to open one of the main issues of the supply chain - the lack of flexibility in the choice of suppliers. Simultaneously, they also provided a solution - a digital platform for convenient selection.

The Issue

Producing and delivering goods across Ukraine has become a difficult task in war conditions. Delivery services operate in a limited area to ensure a safe environment for work.

Meanwhile, businesses, particularly retailers and manufacturers, need raw materials and constant delivery of items to end-users. Ordinary people require basic food, clothing, and medicine. Military forces require weapons and aid.

Many volunteers strive to help them somehow by looking for investment and donations, the above raw materials, goods for a reduced price, etc. But this activity is limited and often turns into a mess without a well-established digital system. Moreover, there's room for fraud in such conditions, so many volunteers and potential investors are afraid to cooperate with unverified people or entities.

Considering the scale of the disaster, a group of private entities and public authorities requested and our partner JEVERA Software to assist with the excellent idea implementation. They decided to create a platform for convenient and safe business cooperation.

"The idea appeared before the war, but recent conditions made us change the focus to support Ukrainian people and business."

Max Koval, Product Manager at JEVERA Software

We needed a solution that would structure and simplify the activities of volunteers and investors when it comes to suppliers/manufacturers and deliverers selection.

Among core product requirements and features were the following:

  • transparency in business relations

  • convenient and fast items delivery

  • agile selection of reliable investors and suppliers

  • elimination of bureaucratic procedures to speed up businesses

The Solution

Considering different options on how to fix issues, and its partners decided to design a platform containing complete information about involved volunteers, businesses, and investors. It will be a place for a fast selection of relevant partners.

"It's quite difficult now to find suitable suppliers of raw materials, goods, or services in different Ukrainian regions (especially in the East and South). Owing to joint efforts, we're working on a platform that could be an entry point for thousands of long-term partnerships in the future. We build a base for transparent business relations and swift aid when somebody needs it."

Viktor Kmita, CEO at

Partners chose the code platform as a convenient environment for software creation and involved the proven JEVERA.Software team in the development process.

"JEVERA Software was born in Chernihiv, Ukraine, about 11 years ago. So our team knows for sure what the war looks like and how many people and businesses need help right now. Therefore, we're creating this platform with a big desire and hope that it will bring more benefit to each user."

Anna Tyschenko, CEO at JEVERA Software

Using the code platform, the JEVERA team creates two solutions:

  • a system that helps volunteers find suppliers and manufacturers willing to provide free aid and donors to finance the supply/production of relevant items, transport carriers, and logistics warehouses for delivery

  • a mobile app for warehouse management and items accounting

" code platform was chosen for several reasons. First, it provides a ready-made base for configuration, which means developers can focus on customization, not on development from scratch. This way, we save precious time knowing that the system will help people faster. The second reason was a multitenancy feature, allowing each entity to create a range of users."

Viktor Kmita, CEO at

Now the development cycle for both products is in progress. The expected time of the entire development is 12 weeks, while the MVP was created during the first 2 weeks. 8 team members from the JEVERA side do their best to empower these apps with the following features and components:

  • The complicated sign-up and authentication processes to prevent fraud

  • Intelligent user management

  • Easy process of requests creation and fast organization of its fulfillment

  • The assortment management module can consolidate items and services in groups depending on the territory and suppliers/producers/volunteers there

  • The system of registration and accounting of warehouse and logistics resources

  • The module of integration of the cartographic system with support for offline maps

  • The ability to smooth integration with independent services and third-party software

  • System for managing the shipment and warehousing of goods able to work offline


We believe that this business platform and warehouse management app can help people in Ukraine and companies worldwide overcome the supply chain crisis.

The solutions can allow the developing business in any location and under any conditions because they can be proved by force-majeure events and ensure:

  • deep public and private sectors involvement in the transparent process of business relations

  • fast engagement of financial support from funds and investors

  • end-to-end reporting from filling requests to total tasks fulfillment

  • efficient problem solving without an Internet connection

  • the absence of bureaucracy slowing down business development


The above case study illustrates how a platform gathering business representatives, volunteers, investors, and public authorities under one roof can help businesses start cooperation on a tight schedule and people - satisfy their basic needs faster.

Meanwhile, this approach can also be efficient when eliminating global supply chain issues. This marketplace principle is suitable for companies that need to involve reliable suppliers, build transparent relations with them, and remain flexible under any conditions.

If you're looking for a robust custom solution to cover supply chain issues - drop us a line. Our experts will help you choose from various options and advise how to design your product in a tight schedule with XME. fast code platform.

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