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In this Article:'s experience in 2022: things we're proud of


What a year was left behind! A year of struggle, victories, new beginnings, and learnings. In 2022, we felt that the world could give businesses something similar to the pandemic reality, another unexpected push to check the maturity. While looking back, we can definitely be proud of the job performed and the challenges overcome to deliver more value to our customers.

It's January - the right time to sum up gained experiences and create bold plans for the future. So, let us show you the face of 2022 from the perspective to explain what you should expect from the company this year.

To all XME. fast code users: product updates are available

XME.Digital SaaS is coming

Last year became a starting point for our new initiative - XME.Digital SaaS. This solution allows the deployment and use of a full-fledged IT product for businesses based on the fast code platform.

Our team managed to develop the MVP of this innovation, including the step-by-step tenant deployment process using available configurable templates. For now, engineers finished one of them - XME Ticket System - IT service management for small and mid-sized companies. But this year, we will finalize development and let you try new functionality to boost business performance.

During this project, the team also creates a tenant and subscription management console. It will be implemented in a totally new design we started working on in the second part of 2022. The peculiarity of this approach is that we're building the adaptable design version simultaneously. It means that soon code platform will offer a full-fledged flexible UI/UX available for mobile.

This global-scale product update makes the solution shop even closer to clients since it allows to get a proven product out of the box without additional effort from the developer, sysadmin, or DevOps side.

Easier configuration of entities

We're proud to announce our work on Visual Entity Configurator - another feature aimed to help you configure entities and connections between them effortlessly. It helps make a user experience smoother owing to a faster and easier setup process that doesn't require configuration on a low level. code platform became more secure

Implementation of advanced data security measures is an emerging trend for 2023. The team did its best to make your work with the fast code platform safer this year. We're continuing to boost data security which is needed for both commercial projects and SaaS.

Top project of the year: collaboration with CABA is blossoming

In 2022, our partnership with the Continental Automated Buildings Association (CABA) became even stronger. Victor Kmita, CEO at, became one of the speakers at CABA Intelligent Buildings Council, sharing business insights and knowledge about the basis for proper integration and embedding IoT into the enterprise IT landscape. This year, we're planning to expand the number of joint activities with CABA to deliver even more value to businesses. captivated Forbes

We’re happy to announce that Iryna Manukovska, Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer at, became a Forbes contributor in 2022. During the last year, she managed to share lots of valuable articles highlighting best business practices. Iryna’s collaboration with well-known media proved that our C-level can reach new heights and does it with great desire and passion.

Our business results: new projects are on the horizon

Last year was definitely fruitful for from a business perspective. We expanded new markets, made valuable offerings, and helped more businesses create robust solutions at a fraction of the cost and time.

Among the most shining examples of our activity in this field are:

  • creation of a Sales Management System

  • building of Network Operating System in Telecom

  • designing the Farm Monitoring & Management System

The team is mastering technologies and tailoring capabilities of the platform to business requirements allowing you to get a competitive edge with lightning-fast product development. We're proud that 2022 helped us turn the fast code platform into a truly versatile low code tool suitable for various businesses, from retail to farming.

Standing with Ukraine: from volunteering to Ukrainian business support

The most terrible news that shook the world was a full-scale russian invasion of Ukraine. In 2022, we felt that the war at the center of Europe happened again and caused the shift of everything rebuilt after the pandemic. Our partners and customers are still there, at the epicenter of the struggle between good and evil, so we cannot stand aside.

The team is continuing to support Ukraine with all its might. Our CEO, Victor Kmita, reports that during the last year, we managed to collect and transfer over 2 million UAH, or approximately $55,000, for various purposes to help the Ukrainian people.

"Everybody should do everything they can to stop the war and help Ukrainians restore justice. The tiny parts, like a $1-charity or one day of volunteering, can become colossal support that will allow people to survive. So we must continue to fight, believe, cry and smile together with Ukraine until the war ends.

Victor Kmita, CEO at

Among the projects of that year we can be really proud of was a non-commercial initiative of creating a B2B platform for Ukrainian businesses. Together with our Ukrainian partners, JEVERA.Software, we've managed to design a full-fledged product using the code platform's capabilities.

The project aims to build links between companies and help business leaders find reliable suppliers timely under force-majeure circumstances. It's crucial for Ukraine now since business remains the main engine regarding manufacturing, supply chain, and replenishment of the treasury.

Another fantastic news was that the United Nations supported the development of such a business platform. It means we're moving in the right direction, keeping peace and dignity.


In 2021 we were full of hope that the pandemic was the biggest disaster of our times and that in the future, we'll experience something better. It's the beginning of 2023, and here we are - still hoping, keeping our fingers crossed, that this year will be the year of victory.

Meanwhile, the experience of holding a business in challenging conditions is priceless. It shows that regardless of obstacles, the company is strong and mature enough to withstand and move forward. As was mentioned, the next milestone of our journey is to build bold plans for the future, and we'll be ready to share the results pretty soon.

Meanwhile, now - Happy New Year, happy new beginning, and borning of fantastic business achievements. This year will definitely be better. We believe. We act and fight for it.


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