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How To Increase ROI With Open Source Low Code Platform

How Enterprise Low Code Platform Ensures ROI?

Following HubSpot, 44% of marketers convince better measuring the retention of investment (ROI) of their demand generation initiatives is the top priority for 2021. What about software services consumers? 69% of all development projects fail, which means software investments often don't pay off. To prevent it, specialists need to choose development methods and tools, considering business-client conditions.

Today we will focus on case studies, demonstrating how low code development results provide positive retention of investment.

Top 4 Ways To Calculate Return Of Investments

  • Determine how the amount of investment is proportional to new software functionality

  • Find out if a new digital product can increase profits by attracting new customers and retaining existing ones through positive experiences

  • Calculate how the software eliminates commercial and operational risks

  • Determine the level of data security, processing, and integration as well as its impact on a company's prosperity

How Open Source Low Code Platform Boost Operational Efficiency

The global telecom provider leveraged the expertise of specialists and code platform capabilities to provide mobile number portability (MNP). The company sought to comply with state regulations and allow customers to change a telecom operator without changing the existing numbers.

To create the required product, specialists had to ensure a flawless product integration with a central database and other operators' software.

The new system was supposed to process applications in an asynchronous queue mode. Because of a workload, a system deleted client requests in case of retrying over 5 times. The engineers had to solve that problem and ensure 100% of applications processing.

"Key development challenge: any change in the product logic must be done without the entire system restarting," says architect. "In the case of development from scratch, specialists risk missing lots of crucial details. They need to come up with a way out of this situation to comply with requirements. XME.platform made the process easier since its main feature is the configuration. We could bring the system into production and change its behavior without restart in conditions of constant user traffic. We changed the logic in particular cases without changing the entire one."

Moreover, engineers have simplified the product maintenance by supplementing the standard XME.platform UI with helpful features for such a purpose.

The client defined the open-source fast-code platform as an efficient tool for software building. The company trained in-house IT experts to work with the environment and actively uses it for BSS products creation.

Return of investments manifested itself because of:

  • the convenience of managing the product logic with the opportunity to adjust it for a specific case

  • maintenance a positive customer experience by processing all operator change requests

  • improvement the user experience of in-house engineers by simplifying product maintenance with a convenient UI

Legacy Migration With Enterprise Low Code Platform

Following Anatoliy Medvedchuk, Software Architect with, Migration from Legacy software helps to:

  • accelerate the new product development

  • improve component integration

  • expand revenue streams by selling a new solution as SaaS

  • initiate migration to microservices to scale business on-demand

During development, engineers used part of the ready-made XME.platform functionality and created additional external microservices. They have chosen parallel-run migration, providing for the simultaneous legacy and new systems operation.

Moving a complex infrastructure to an open-source low code platform is always arduous.

In that case, we have faced the following challenges:

  • the complexity of the domain area and business processes

  • an incredible amount of hidden functionality specialists need to recreate in a new system

  • issues on how to split a monolith into parts properly, transforming existing applications

  • lack of project documentation: the project required sessions and conferences with in-house engineers to clarify the system's features and bottlenecks

  • migration in conditions of live traffic."

Anatoliy Medvedchuk, Software Architect at

During the migration, the engineers transferred part of the subscriber data from the client's database to the XME one, disconnecting them from the legacy billing system and providing access to the self-service portal. Now specialists monitor new system work to identify possible operational issues.

As seen here, ROI lies in the possibility to:

  • improve customer experience

  • simplify the work of staff and increase its efficiency

  • expand new revenue stream, selling new billing system as SaaS product

Upgrade Process Management With Low Code? Real Business Examples

Within the coronavirus pandemic, everyone needs safe travel. The US company Clarity Labs has been committed to ensuring safe air travel for crews and passengers by providing COVID-19 testing services directly at airports. It equipped an on-site laboratory at LAX international airport.

The client requested to develop and quickly implement a scheduling appointments system for laboratory COVID-19 testing. engineers had to create opportunities for the patient to register on the portal, select a service package (express or PCR test, etc.), book the time and place of the test conducting, pay and receive results.

Due to a business need, it became necessary to launch a new system in production ahead of schedule.

"Under ordinary conditions, such a type of development should have taken 2 months. On this project, we had to create a reliable system in 3 weeks," says architect Serhii "There was a need to prioritize and choose the functionality vital to implement the system in such a short time. code capabilities helped us a lot. During the project, we completely focused on the product business logic, using the standard XME. platform functionality as the tech base."

Anatoliy Medvedchuk, Software Architect at, is convinced the Clarity Labs case is a good example how сompanies can benefit from fast-code platform capabilities.

"Due to the multi-tenancy feature, the customer can create copies of the core product, configuring them for the needs of each local laboratory. A single point of management allows it to apply updates to all existing versions of the solution simultaneously. It's about a significant savings of resources."

Following Daniel Léger, President & Co-Founder at Clarity Labs Solutions, the software can process over 10K reservations per day.

"By simply deploying the product to the existing AWS cloud, we achieve a stable environment for the scheduling system," said Victor Kmita, CEO at

Here, the client received high retention of investment because of:

  • accurate software operation with constant request flow

  • the ability to configure the source product and deploy customized laboratory applications in one click

  • user-friendly system interface that improves user experience

Enterprise Low Code Platform And Assets Management

A global smart houses software provider needed a system for remote monitoring and updating its products. It requested for its creation.

Client solutions are used in 1M smart houses worldwide. Previously, company representatives had to carry out monitoring and software updates on-site for free.

The company decided to monetize this service and improve its assets management.

“The client chose the code platform because it needed to integrate seamlessly with the security and manufacturing teams to create the IoT automatic update system. It is a non-standard goal that ordinary SaaS cannot cover,” says Victor Kmita, CEO at

One more project difficulty was the transferring rights to the firmware. Thus, it became necessary to create a module for tracking such transferring and control over firmware legal usage.

"In that case, the code platform ability to generate accurate reporting helped us out. The client can control everything: from the software operation to the network-based reselling the rights to the firmware," says Lidia Kozina, Business Analyst at

The new system greatly facilitated the client staff work, reducing travel and providing detailed analysis of the condition of products.

Now, the company can monitor its software behavior and identify issues at the early stages. Moreover, accurate data allow the prediction of possible difficulties. Quick response prevents products downtime, maintaining the confidence and comfort of end-users.

In this case, the core indicators of positive ROI are:

  • maintaining a positive customer experience

  • prediction and prevention of software failures

  • optimization and increased employee productivity

  • additional revenue stream due to the monetization of a previously free service

How To Engage Employees With XME.Fast Code Platform

The national convenience stores chain needed the legacy point of sale (POS) system transformation. It was one of the first steps towards a global digital transformation goal.

The existing POS was distinguished by a complex interface, provoking a lot of staff errors. The constant flow of customers and low productivity levels led to employee burnout and employee turnover.

To prevent this, specialists embeddув the gamification module into POS system units. It turns daily routine work into a game where everyone gets a reward for completing a plan. Management can divide tasks into compulsory (like upsells performing) and additional (such as smiling at the customer). Each task completion is evaluated in points, stars, or in any other way convenient for the company. At the end of the month, employees with the highest results are rewarded with extra days off, training opportunities, etc.

"The UI of the POS system is suitable for setting tasks daily and monitoring their performance. Productivity of each employee could be tracked easily. For example, sales results help to analyze the level of upsells or promotional goods realization." - shares Victor Kmita, CEO. "Thus, this way, the company formed a healthy competition, which spirit engages employees to work quickly and efficiently. Realizing that their efforts will be noticed and rewarded, people begin to devote themselves to work 100%. It boosts the employee experience by directly affecting the customer experience and the overall enterprise profitability."

The new point of sale allowed the client to accelerate service provision by 30% and reduce staff mistakes by 15%. These results enable us to consider the investment in POS as successful.

Can You Develop A Compliance Management System With aPaaS?

A telecom company with an 8M audience needed a compliance management system.

To build such a solution, specialists had to create a hierarchy of risks and develop scenarios for emerging issue solving. Moreover, the process required periodic review and incident management to track existing risks.

Following Victor Kmita, CEO at,

"This complex solution can be developed with the code platform. The last one provides the necessary level of flexibility for working with data. The system can start with a simple data model, gradually complicating it within product functioning. Of course, it would be possible to apply a ready-made product to this process, but there are a few solutions on the market. All of them are costly, and they do not always consider the domain peculiarities. They are just constructors."

A new system can compare the client's performance with other companies in the group and with competitors.

For flawless operation, the software integrates with ITIL systems, fraud management, communication, and traffic testing systems, etc.

The investment efficiency indicators, in this case, are:

  • risk management process optimization

  • the ability to predict issues

  • ensuring quick company response earlier than the necessity arises

How LCAP Helps To Build A Dashboard With Integration Points

A national non-food retailer with a 27M audience faced the need to modernize order management and communication with customers. The outdated system was designed for brick-and-mortar stores and did not consider e-commerce peculiarities.

The company turned to with a request for migration, expansion of systems functionality, and elimination of integration difficulties between back-office systems.

The shortcomings of the outdated system affected the sales and involved employees who had to use an extremely inconvenient interface. To process one client request, an operator had to switch between dozens of tabs during a conversation. code platform has become an appropriate base for such migration due to its functionality. The transformation included an order management system and contact center creation. specialists have designed a contact center integrated with 10 back-office systems, such as logistics, marketing, ERP, CRM, analytics, etc. Armed with the new solution, the company can provide an omnichannel approach to service provision.

"The UI provided by XME.platform played a crucial role in that project. It allowed creating a unified workspace for operators. There they can receive real-time data and tips to support the conversation. We could ensure it partly due to a multitude of integration points. For example, if operators need to carry out an upsell, they use the system's tips on what promotional products may interest each specific client. "

Victor Kmita, CEO at

A new contact center development can be considered as a smart investment because:

  • now the system can process up to 10K orders per day

  • upsells level increased by 25%

  • processing time reduced by ¼

  • one operator can process up to 50 requests per day

The Bottom Line

They say that the commercial success of a development project depends on the ability to hear the client, well-coordinated work, and soft skills. We at believe choosing the right technology and development instruments also affects product performance and ROI. Share your business issue, and our experts will advise you which toolkit to choose for your development project.


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