Hot! Microservices-Based Solutions: Learn What Benefits You Can Gain with Fast Code Platform


Boost delivery and scalability twice

The Digital era is already here. Decrease delivery cost and time-to-market with a powerful fast-code tool. Leave room for fast innovations and improvements. Stay competitive with the proven Digital Solutions for Telecommunications, IoT, and Retail. 

Use an open-source fast-code platform as your product team’s toolbox. Benefit from solutions for your Retail, IoT, or Telecommunications digital products and services. We are here for you!

Fast innovations

lead to results

Powerful set of ready-to-use components to build any enterprise-grade applications for a bespoke customer, employee, and partner experience.

Agile connectivity

as a key

Devices, Services, or Applications? With a fast-code platform, you can integrate them all into the holistic ecosystem to provide the best possible service to any stakeholder.

Reduce technical debt and environment load

Microservice-based solutions provide more for less, allowing reuse. Open-source core gives the power to stay independent from any vendor.

431 Apps are Already 

Launched with


working hours saved annually for one dev team


Crane Payment Innovations USA saves annually with team has helped us deliver one of the essential digital products for Crane Payment Innovations. Building a solution based on this open-source platform gave us a very fast, safe, and sustainable MVP to scale it afterwords.

Sara Mudalige
Product Manager, Crane Payment Innovations


Innovate to stay competitive

Low-code and no-code platforms promise no developer involvement. We guarantee scalable architecture, twice faster application delivery, extensible databases, no integration headache, and no limitations for business logic. We do not operate software terms, we operate business needs and concepts.

High cost & Developers involvement

Low-code & RPA platforms

Custom software solutions

Software-as-a-Service solutions

Fast time-to market

Customization level & scalability

Pay per month & no developers


Choose Your

Level of Freedom & Flexibility

Medium-sized business or a large corporation demand customized software solutions and high speed of digital products delivery. Choose an open-source version for your prototypes, scale it with experienced team of engineers and receive 2d and 3d enterprise-level support to make change requests really fast.

Fast-code digital platform

Retail, IoT and Telecom Software Solutions

Open-source fast-code platform with extendable architecture and ready-to-use components to digitize any product or service, re-engineer an existing application or build your own IT ecosystem. The platform for any business challenge.

Open-source nature

4 weeks MVP delivery

Market challenging

Experienced developers



High real-time loads

Digital Solutions Shop

Realize the most challenging ideas fast

Save more time and efforts by using customizable solutions for Retail, IoT, and Telecommunications. Use proven solutions to increase digital transformation performance and get a higher ROI of innovations.

Implement your ideas 53% faster than your competitors with


Sustainable software solutions build with open-source platforms help to reduce technical debt, contribute to the community and be flexible in software partner choice.


White labelled solutions for your SaaS ideas. Validate  idea in 4 weeks and create full-grade MVP  for your first customers. No vendor lock, endless scaling possibilities to become a Unicorn.


Enterprise software quality to decrease time to market of your business ideas: secure multi-tenancy, extensible microservice architecture, 24x7 support and centralized authentication & security.


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