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splash-screen-xme-digital-2020_edited.jpg Enterprise Low-Code Integration Platform

Make Digital Apps & Services 2x faster

Low-code and no-code platforms promise no developer involvement. We guarantee scalable architecture, ready-to-use enterprise components, twice faster application delivery, no integration headache, and limitless business logic. means lower cost, higher customization, and agility for your digital products and services.

We do not operate software terms. We operate business needs.

Free Cheat Sheet

Cut your IT expenses in half with proven middleware

Don't let your telecom project join the 70% that fail. Be part of the successful 30%! Download this cheat sheet to discover how integration middleware makes a difference.

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Most businesses fail during the first 3 years. We have served our customers for 9 years.

Victor Kmita,

CEO & Founder, LLC

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where the journey starts

XME.platform to boost delivery & scalability twice

The Digital era is already here. A powerful low-code tool with enterprise integration middleware possibilities can decrease delivery costs and time to market, leaving room for fast innovations and improvements.


Proven experience in building digital solutions for Telecommunications, Retail, IoT, and Healthcare embedded into one platform to make your integrations easier and support your business scale. 

Fast innovations
lead to results

Powerful set of ready-to-use components to build any enterprise-grade applications for a bespoke customer, employee, and partner experience.

No integration headache

Devices, Services, or Applications? With a low-code middleware platform, you can integrate them into the holistic ecosystem to provide the best possible service to any stakeholder. Less code — less stress.

Microservice-based solutions provide more for less, allowing reuse. Open-source core gives the power to stay independent from any vendor.

Enterprises need to stay flexible and be able to test new approaches and even business models faster and with less effort. Low-code software can do that for you!

Business model enhancement

Reduce technical debt and environment load

431 Apps are Already Build and millions of hours saved with

Связь башня


annual savings for a mid-sized enterprise

Vodafone has chosen as one of the core platforms for Ukrainian software products. has become a part of Technolgy Radar created by Vodafone's development team to deliver one of the best telecommunication products for one of the largest telecom operators of Eastern Europe.

Vodafone Ukraine saves annually with

Unified API management
AI tariff
messaging & Campaign management
Service engine
& Integration

Low-code middleware secure extra resources for telecom companies. While you focus on your business, we provide platform to launch customer-oriented services, design and test new revenue streams and partnership models.’s ready to use components gives both freedom of creativity and fast go-to market.


Retail is not about only brick and mortar anymore. Combining online and offline models, businesses demand a holistic tech ecosystem with many integrations. Middleware, as an efficient processing layer, allows retail chains to implement more sales channels by reducing the load on the core ERP. 



Omnichannel middleware
Point of sale software




Contact center migration



lifecycle management
Smart store




Utility management
Internet of Things

IoT is everywhere. Almost each retail store or gas station or manufactory is an ecosystem of sensors constantly sending and receiving data. An system of this sort has to be managed, developed, and improved. A user-friendly low-code middleware can operate as all-on-one-screen solution to keep track of sensors and flows

Open-source fast-code platform with extendable architecture and ready-to-use components to digitize any product or service, re-engineer an existing application or build your own IT ecosystem. The platform for any business challenge.

4 weeks MVP delivery

Ready-to-use components

Integration managеment

Choose Your Level of Freedom & Flexibility

Medium-sized business or a large corporation demand customized software solutions and high speed of digital products delivery. Choose an open-source version for your prototypes, scale it with experienced team of engineers and receive 2d and 3d enterprise-level support to make change requests really fast.

Enterprise Integration Middleware Platform

Telecommunications, Retail, and IoT Software Solutions

Open-source nature



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