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Thinking about writing a guest post for We welcome your contributions to our blog. At, we're dedicated to delivering top-tier solutions for retail and telecom industries using low-code software development. Our blog provides a space to explore and discuss cutting-edge trends, new technologies, and industry best practices. Here are the main areas we focus on:

  • Low-Code Software Development.

  • Telecom Innovations.

  • Retail Solutions.

  • IoT Technologies.                               General Guidelines

To ensure a better cooperation and maintain our blog's quality standards, please consider the following guidelines:

Original Content: Submissions must be original (98-100% uniqueness) and not published elsewhere. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited.

AI Check: Before submitting, use a free AI detector and ensure AI and ChatGPT plagiarism are less than 20%. Attach the screenshot to your email.

Relevance: Content should directly relate to areas mentioned above: low-code, IoT, telecom, or retail industries.

Quality: We esteem well-researched, insightful, and engaging content that provides value to our readers.

Word Count: Aim for around 1000 words to thoroughly cover the topic.

Formatting: Use subheadings, bullet points, and short paragraphs for better readability. Include relevant images or graphics if applicable.

Illustrations: If visual aids benefit your topic, include high-quality illustrations, graphs, or charts. Ensure you have the rights to use any visuals submitted.

Links: Include 1-2 do-follow links per article. We do not link to doubtful resources.

Author Bio: Provide a brief bio and headshot along with a link to your company website or LinkedIn profile.

Editing: Our editorial team may suggest minor edits for clarity and consistency. Dos & Don'ts

We Post:

  • In-depth articles on low-code, IoT, telecom, or retail industries.

  • Case studies showcasing successful projects and innovative solutions.

  • Thought leadership pieces and expert insights.

  • Tutorials and guides relevant to our target industries.

We Don't Post:

  • 100% promotional content for products or services.

  • Content that is offensive, discriminatory, or violates ethical standards.

  • Duplicate or previously published content.

Remember, the golden rule is 80% informative content and 20% promotion. "Laudatory odes" to companies or products disappoint our editor. If you mention your product/service, frame it as an example.

Thank you for considering as a platform to share your expertise. For article submissions or further discussion, please contact us.

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