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The Perfect Pair: Exploring the Synergy of Chat GPT and code platform


Low-code development has become increasingly popular for the open opportunity to build applications with minimal manual coding, resulting in accelerated development processes and the inclusion of citizen developers in application building.

Interestingly, Chat GPT, an advanced AI language model, appears to follow a similar path. This innovative solution effortlessly generates code segments upon request, demonstrating remarkable quality.

Considering this parallel, it begs the question: Can a low-code platform and Chat GPT be integrated as a cohesive unit? If so, what purpose would it serve? Let's delve into the details to find out.

Can Chat GPT and a low-code platform be combined into a single product?

Not exactly, but it is possible to integrate your low-code solution with Chat GPT through an API to address specific technical tasks. Currently, businesses primarily employ such integrations for working on technical documentation and large volumes of data, although their functionality can extend further.

Meanwhile, for specific low-code platforms, like code, it's possible to leverage Chat GPT to bridge gaps.

Consider a scenario where you must create code for numerous simple yet time-consuming components, such as a renal care system or a customer management model. When using the code platform, you would typically have to write these models from scratch and merge them into a cohesive unit. Thankfully, AI has resolved the issue of manual efforts in this field. Now, you only need to request Chat GPT to "generate a customer management model as a JSON schema," review and copy the code written, and paste it within the code platform environment.

While many users express skepticism about the accuracy of Chat GPT, developers acknowledge that this tool can generate concise and straightforward code with accurate punctuation. However, it is not yet fully equipped to handle more intricate code segments. Developing complex code takes more time, and there is a higher likelihood of minor errors. Nonetheless, progress has been made.

Does this imply that we will be using applications created by Chat GPT soon? Perhaps, but it is certain that software solutions requiring advanced functionality and complex logic will still require human intervention to ensure quality and reliability.

What does the synergy of Chat GPT and code platform mean for developers and tech teams?

Increased dev velocity: Accurate code generation and the ability to build complete solutions within a developer-friendly environment enable tech teams to address technical debt and accelerate time-to-market for new products.

Reduced manual workload: By automating repetitive tasks, developers can optimize their workflow, delegating routine activities to tools like Chat GPT. It frees their time to focus on high-priority tasks requiring creative thinking and deep technical expertise.

Enhanced employee experience: The accelerated software development process allows devs to leverage their potential and expertise in areas that truly require it. Optimization allows developers to preserve their curiosity and passion for designing cutting-edge solutions, resulting in a better user experience and heightened levels of engagement.


Integrating Chat GPT and code platform offers developers and tech teams an exciting opportunity to streamline their workflow and enhance productivity. Even though Chat GPT's capabilities are currently more suited for simpler code segments, and human intervention is still crucial; progress has been made. As low-code development and AI continue to evolve, the simultaneous usage of Chat GPT and code platform represents a step forward in empowering developers and tech teams to build applications more efficiently, ultimately driving innovation and progress in the software development industry.

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