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Top-8 Microservice Architecture Benefits Affect Business Growth Speed

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2.1. Netflix

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What is an essential part of any business?

Possibility to grow, adopt new ideas and fit customers rising needs. Software development becomes an ineligible part of this business expansion. Companies are fighting for fast time-to-market to deploy more services and products in less time. We use fast-code platforms to decrease product launch twice, Agile for productivity and higher deliverables' quality, microservices to make the software more flexible, scalable, and easy to maintain and understand for developers.

Microservice architecture for business

The latest Camunda survey showed the essential value of microservices adoption to implement digital transformation projects. Most of the interviewed (63%) claimed that migration to microservices from classic monolith systems helped make a better user experience, increase employee productivity, and make savings on infrastructure and development tools.

How Microservice Architecture Can Help to Compete the Market


Netflix started moving from to microservices from monolithic architecture in 2009 as demands for their service grew dramatically. Microservices architecture shift allows us to deploy thousands of code sections every day, though the company can focus on offering the best Internet TV and streaming platform. That's why Netflix got the Special Jury Award for bringing innovations in the IT field in 2015.

Companies That Successfully Converted Their Architecture to Microservices


It is not easy to serve 286 million users in 79 markets. That's why the company created an IT ecosystem that scales components self-sufficient; it also helped to synchronize easier. Spotify's main Microservices' architecture advantage is preventing significant failures; it allows many services to fail without harming customers.

Microservice Architecture Benefits for Business

#1 Sustainability

Solutions based on Microservice architecture can reduce technical debt and are more sustainable for business and environment; they offer costs and impact reducing. And it is just a beginning!

#2 Agility

4 week or 4-month project delivery? Microservice approach speed up development. With functionality leveraging down to the basics and abstracting the associated services, DevOps are working on updating the necessary pieces of the application. This changes the disgusting integration process we face with a monolithic architecture.

#3 Productivity

The microservice architecture allows more effective code and basal infrastructure usage. This offers up to 50% cost of savings.

#4 Reliability

Functions allocation across services exclude applications sensibility to a sole failure point. This gives the possibility to isolate possible failures, increase performance, decrease downtime, and scale.

#5 Grow Your Revenue

We in XME. believe fast innovations can make this world a better place to live in. Also, it helps to deliver customers solutions faster and decrease customer retention. As a result, revenue goes up. This means for continuous improvements that are embedded in Microservice architecture.

#6 Easy-to-use and Reuse

What makes software architecture easy to maintain? It is all about how easy it is to write, debug, test, and manage code. Microservices offer small pieces of code that are easier to understand and maintain. If one small part fails, the rest remains robust. This kind of ecosystem lets organizations combines code and solution components with proven efficiency.

#7 Flexibility

Diverse parts of solutions based on Microservice architecture could be written on different programming languages. No need to worry about potential difficulties with hiring and scaling. More freedom and business agility in new technologies adoption as a result. The second flexibility dimension lies in containerization; it means that software pieces function in the same way in different environments.

#8 Ready to Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is not about buzz; it's about changing something old with something new, implementation of new services and technologies. Microservice architecture gives a framework that helps to connect the technical backend and business needs. It's flexibility in the adoption of the novelties and readiness to scale with different programming languages allow making Digital Transformation and migration to modern solutions smoothly.

Why Business is in Love with Microservice Architecture

Microservices are about breaking the features and functions into smaller parts - services. This approach entirely correspondence business agenda - treat customers like a service provider, and join all services around the customer into a holistic Digital Service Platforms. All created services are independent, and you can update them and add new ones much easier. This allows you to scale and grow your business, integrate new technologies and additional products. Customers like innovative companies and are 70% more loyal to those how to work on customers' experience improving.


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