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Top-1 Digital Service Platform Component That Affects a Revenue Stream Size

Digital services are one of the most fast-growing industries. We don't want goods by themselves; we want commodities and additional services.

Service design is about designing and managing stakeholders, communication, infrastructure, and any service components to make the service itself better, more efficient, and customer-oriented.

3D Service design model by XM^ONLINE
The main business goal behind this is to establish relations between the service provider and its clients trustworthy and longterm. Service design is a holistic customer-centered approach to business. The result is a profitable eco-system valuable for both customers and service providers.

Service design received full recognition with sharing and service industry growth. The result of Uber, Airbnb, Spotify, Netflix's success would not be possible without in-depth knowledge of customer needs, points of interaction with the brand, and ways of perception. Each service is a set of customer's actions need to be taken to receive the result. Service design tools may help to improve existing service and develop a new one from scratch, just like Panic button SaaS created with

User Experience Design

How can service design contribute to the business? Creating real business value with user experience

Enterprises, startups, and governments are facing high demands from their customers today. Clients expect seamless and omnichannel experience in interaction with applications, services, and by using products. It is all about user experience design

It is all about inclusive user experience design, not just a visual part of interfaces. This helps to add some humanity to software interactions and digital means of communication with customers. You can quickly improve the interactions between your company and customers, with a proven service design methodology.

What helps to create a successful user experience?

  • Intuitive solutions and platforms

  • Adaptive solutions - any device at any part of the world at any time

  • Change clients pains with customer satisfaction

  • Deep customer analysis in a natural environment

  • Provide solutions for customers considering their experience, culture, behaviour

  • Different ways of solution working for different types of customers

  • Empathy and customer orientation - the way how a company cares about it customers

$300 mln business value of service design?

Service design is a proven, backed framework to improve the quality of the customer's interactions at every touchpoint. These include components, products, and business processes related to the customer experience. The service design framework can literally benefit business and increase revenue. Just like in this $300,000,000 e-commerce story with Register button instead of Continue. Those customers who didn't want to step into long-term relations refused to Register while proceeding with Checkout. It sounds too complicated for them. The results of Button Change is significant: the number of purchasing increased by 45%.

300 million button story

Service design instruments - what helps us to understand our customers better?

  1. Customer journey map - how customer interact with service, what is his story behind these actions

  2. Customers' touchpoints detection - deep understanding of where and how consumers get the customer experience

  3. Environment and context description - what is around our customer

  4. Activity and interactions of customers - what and how customers do daily

  5. Use cases - how and in which situations customers would use our solution

  6. Minimum Valuable Product configuration - what are core features to be included in MVP

  7. Visual tool to approve with a client and solution team project progress - Service Design provides means understandable to both - technical and business managers.

Service Design Tools map

Impact map

Sum up

Service design framework can help to create perfectly fit products and services for customers. To make them real, you can create ready-to-work solutions with fast-code business process automation platforms, like This human-centred framework can be efficient with both digital business and real public services. Just like Denmark did with designing the public sector, including reinventing Copenhagen's waste management system.


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