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Unlocking the Secrets of MWC Conference 2023: Game-Changing Insights and Must-Know Lessons

Business & tech insights from MWC Conference

Four fantastic days of insightful MWC Conference from GSMA are left behind, empowering business and tech leaders from various industries with ideas, innovations, and opportunities. got the juicy details of emerging IoT and 5G trends claimed aloud at the MWC conference firsthand since our CEO, Victor Kmita, was among the attendees this year. So, if you didn’t have a chance to join MWC Conference or want to refresh your memories - the innovations in 5G and IoT fields revealed there are ready to grab your attention.

“MWC demonstrates the readiness of people to travel and meet personally. It mainly feels like a site to meet people you know, not a place for creating new connections. This atmosphere is valuable since attendees aim to catch the latest trends, get ahead of the game, and exchange experience with like-minded people.”

Victor Kmita


“5G is mainstream without making a breakthrough. 6G should find its place.”

It was a clear message from all related speeches, demonstrations, and conversations on the sidelines. MWC Conference offered 5G-oriented sub-events of all tastes aiming to show that more and more domains are connecting their future with this technology. But still, the mainstream isn’t featured by a widespread nature capable of gathering all businesses under one umbrella. Limited availability, unexplored use cases, complicated adoption - there are various reasons for it.

“5G technologies are becoming a mainstream/commodity without breakthroughs. 5G coverage is present in many developed countries and, despite the low volume of the terminals supporting it, mainly used to offload data transmission in dense areas. The market has many offerings of private/indoor use of 5G networks which appears to be a good replacement or backup to the wired Internet.”

Victor Kmita


Meanwhile, the buzz around the latest 6G is growing, and businesses are considering where to apply this innovation. The technology is looking for its place in the market, mainly targeting robotics and robot-to-human.

The most unexpected domains demand connectivity

While businesses are still determining about 5G and 6G, they continue to develop advanced connectivity and adopt the Internet of Things with lightning speed. Companies strive to make all components of their ecosystems work as a single unit to cut costs, increase maturity and build the base for scaling. Smart factories and manufacturing became hot topics at Congress. Meanwhile, the interest in other domains like agriculture is apparent.

Telcos remain drivers of this process, ensuring the opportunity to build scalable and smooth connections. At the MWC event, Telefónica introduced an innovative solution that utilizes SIM cards to connect IoT devices to AWS IoT. This state-of-the-art platform streamlines the process of distributing large-scale credentials and provides top-level security. The pioneering solution from Telefónica automatically recognizes the connection of the cellular device and enrolls it onto AWS IoT, sending the credentials directly to the SIM card. This breakthrough has the potential to transform the agrotech sector.

Vodafone, jointly with environmental IoT startup Dryad Networks, showcased its wildfire detection technology. The wildfires in the Mediterranean region made companies demonstrate an excellent example of startup-enterprise collaboration and create a solution for wildfire detection. Vodafone wants to use a solar-powered gas sensor system to detect fires during the smoldering stage. Mesh gateways will provide complete coverage to the gas sensors and gather data from them. The monitoring and communication system will collate and transmit the collected data to the cloud, which oversees the monitoring process.

The Bottom Line

The Mobile World Congress 2023 became an unforgettable event for businesses looking for the latest updates in technology adoption. Companies demonstrate creativity in implementing IoT, 5G/6G, AR/VR, and other technologies to boost services and drive revenue.

But any adoption can be cost-effective and timely in case of a robust low-code platform at hand capable of speeding up Time-to-Market and increasing dev velocity. If you are looking for a market-proven low code solution to create efficient software at a fraction of the cost and time - consider the code platform. Contact our sales team to explore how it can help your business achieve desirable results.


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