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3 Pillars of Tech Intelligent Business: Innovation, Optimization, People

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How to Build Tech Intelligent Business


Spend 5 minutes of your time to dive deeper into a tech-intelligent business concept and discover how to make your business work in a new way for better performance.

A global crisis is the best time to look for solutions to old good weaknesses and challenges affecting your business growth. Most companies are already implementing their digital transformation strategies, and one of the milestones in this process is the creation of tech intelligent business.

If it's just another buzzword for you, scroll down to discover more about the values this approach might bring to your business. Here we'll explain:

  • the origins of tech intelligent business concept

  • why tech intelligent business should be your next strategic goal

  • what pillars should you build to be sure your company is tech intelligent

What is tech intelligence from the business perspective?

Tech intelligence is a business's ability to identify digital opportunities and risks that might affect business development in the future.

What does it mean? The IT world, as well as the virtual business one, is full of surprises. You can find there a blue ocean of opportunities for enterprise growth and the avalanche of issues that can knock you down. To keep the middle ground, you should have a robust software basis ready for any scenario. And not only.

Tech intelligent business is the one that is who feels like a duck to water despite changes in the market. It's flexible, easy-scaled, mature, and digital-oriented, of course. The case is each company nowadays should be tech intelligent — no matter what game you play. Retailers, CSPs, and manufacturers need to set this goal. Otherwise, fierce competition will swallow them.

Why tech intelligent business concept is worth your attention

If the above reason is not a reason for you, I have more points in my box.

Increased revenue. Tech intelligent companies can catch business opportunities. No matter what they are: expanding new income sources or transforming business models. Profound analysis of market conditions and client behavior might become your starting point for the new stage of development. Tech intelligent businesses can predict what development direction might be profitable next quarter, year, or five.

Fewer risks. Imagine that you know for sure when your hardware will crash. Or what ideas your customers will like. This knowledge can provide you with confidence in business decisions and actions. It might save billions of dollars by preventing downtimes or project failure. Tech intelligence will allow you to be an entrepreneur by eliminating the core negative element of this activity - risk. It's a dream coming true, isn't it?

Successful implementation of ideas. There's no room for mistakes if you manage a tech-intelligent business. Brilliant strategy, powerful hardware, robust software, and employees with a solid background might turn each of your bold ideas into reality with efficient outcomes.

Not wasting, but reinvesting. All the above factors can significantly save your business resources on operation, discovery, and implementation. An intelligent corporate machine can help you empower your company by leaving your income inside. So you can use it to invest in first-priority projects and accelerate your business growth.

How to build a tech intelligent business from scratch

Tech Intelligent Business Pillars

Tech intelligent business is built on 3 core pillars: innovation, optimization, and people. If you want to run an upgraded version of your company, just start by changing these core factors, and you'll see the changes from day one.


We're used to that tech intelligence is about software first. That's right, the corporate software ecosystem is a basis for all business activity at the any-sized company. Even a convenience store in a village uses spreadsheets for accounting and assortment management.

But to be honest, robust and smart software implemented a few years ago is not enough. Business leaders should be on the same page with the world every day. They should map new technologies and solutions to current business conditions and ask themselves, "How might it upgrade my company?", "Do my business and clients need this tool or technology now?" This mapping and planning have to be consistent and respond to reality.

Tech intelligent companies in different domains aren't afraid to change the angle and implement innovations to make their operations and approach closer to the customer. They migrate to the cloud to ensure data stability and use backup features. They get the most out of predictive analytics created owing to IoT capabilities. It provides them with valuable knowledge about everything happening in the company, with customers, the market, and the whole world. Such businesses use AI-based hardware to eliminate employee routine work and keep the staff informed about the condition of all processes.

What technology do you use to make your business closer to "tech intelligent" status?


Be like Henry Ford. Optimize each process that should be optimized since this approach might:

If an implementation of innovation needs some business purpose, let optimization be this purpose. It can help make your business mature and well-designed. In turn, this base is favorable for new initiatives and scaling.

Companies prefer different optimization-oriented tools, including low code platforms. They can reduce the load on the IT department by letting non-tech specialists create custom software solutions to cover any business need. Discover how the code platform might work for your business process optimization and flourishing.


The main asset of every company is its people since even the most robust software is powerless when people don't use it. Building a tech-intelligent corporate environment begins with critical thinking, understanding, and attitude to digital initiatives.

Create a new-level company thinking about your employees. Let them discover more about your plans and provide them with the opportunity to generate ideas. Explain to specialists how technologies and optimization might change their daily duties, show them freedom and room for creativity, and you will receive a community of innovators.

The Bottom Line

The tech-intelligent business concept brings more pros to companies. It allows them to remain agile and ready for any event in the market. For them, the global economic crisis is not a problem anymore. Businesses can build flexible development strategies owing to well-educated people. Due to the optimization, it might cut costs and focus on first-priority needs. The innovation here is a way of achieving goals. They help try new approaches to business activity and let a company go beyond the competition. Being tech intelligent, the business is protected, and nothing can stop its skyrocketing.

If you want to optimize your business activity to become tech intelligent - drop us a line. Our experts will advise you on achieving desirable results using the code platform.

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