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Complex Event Processing App Development: Tutorial

How To Make A Complex Event Processing System With A Fast-Code Platform

It's predicted that in 7 years (from 2019 to 2026), the global campaign management market size will increase by more than half. In 2019 it was $ 2239.4 mln. In 2026, it will be $ 4619.4 mln.

These products' effectiveness attracts large companies from around the world. Perhaps yours is among them? And if not, then in the next few years, it will be.

We offer to play ahead and spend 5 minutes learning how to design campaign management or complex event processing apps twice as fast as usual.

Real-Time Campaign Management And Complex Event Processing For Enterprise Digital Transformation

Have you ever run 100 marketing campaigns simultaneously? What about 1000? Agree the difference is palpable. In the first case, you can effortlessly deal with it manually; in the second one - this task gets the honor title "bottleneck" and requires an urgent response.

How Real Time Campaign Management Works

The real-time campaign management system is a solution. It is a software product capable of launching and managing an unlimited amount of marketing operations, like audience segmentation, email marketing, or multi campaigns.

Moreover, such products can perfectly react to events due to the event-triggered action feature. Thus, there are no unpredictable scenarios for this product. It reacts to any client behavior in real time and adapts to it smoothly. Now this approach, for example, is successfully used in the manufacturing industry for equipment monitoring.

Meanwhile, initially, campaign management and complex event processing products were used only by the telecom industry. This domain can boast a large audience, lots of tariff plans, service packages, and additional options. It is arduous to conduct and manage marketing activities in such conditions. To give you an idea of ​​the scale, let's walk through the process of the marketing campaign launching.

Let's say marketer Fred comes up with a campaign for business women in their 30s and 40s. What should he do?

To begin with, to discuss the campaign with his management and get approval. Then - visit the IT department and ask to launch the campaign, setting the necessary conditions. Moreover, engineers have to make relevant changes to the billing system. Only after the appropriate IT department's actions the marketing campaign will be considered launched.

What happens if Fred runs even 15 such campaigns a day?

  1. Engineers will be marketrs.

  2. Development and support of strategically core software products will fade into the background.

  3. Marketing will still not be efficient.

To avoid it, marketers should manage the marketing activities without third parties involvement. Real-time campaign management products allow them to configure campaigns and make system changes. Thus, a company is left to generate ideas and implement them in a matter of minutes.

Complex event processing and real-time campaign management for everyone

Now clients have become more sophisticated. And it applies not only to telecom but also to all other industries: retail, finance, healthcare. Therefore the usage of the RTCM system becomes more common.

How Real Time Campaign Management Works

For example, Singapore's Changi Airport has decided to surprise its passengers with an unusually custom approach. They partnered with Accenture to create a campaign management platform. It can efficiently manage marketing activity and track customer behavior. Based on the obtained results, they created apps to satisfy passengers' needs and produce a wow effect. Due to the RTCM product, Changi Airport provides travelers with personalized offers. Such openness to technology made it a leader following Skytrax World Airport Awards ranking.

The market can offer many decent ready-made products.

Among the best campaign management and complex event processing apps in 2021 are Screendragon, Adobe Campaign, Zoho Campaigns, Amazon Kinesis, Confluent, and Apache Kafka.

For a campaign management product efficiency, it's not enough to buy it. You should ensure a supportive environment. Before Real Time Campaign Management solution implementation, check your readiness using the checklist from our Head of Digital Transformation, Evgeniy Aleksandrenko:

“RTCM is not a panacea. Its implementation requires careful preparation. To achieve real results, you must have a(an):

  1. Large audience

  2. Skilled marketing team

  3. Organized customer data

  4. Convenient product catalog

  5. Accurate analytics

  6. Omnichannel approach

  7. Advanced IT infrastructure.

If you put a winning "done" next to each item - congratulations: any Real Time Campaign Management or complex event processing solution will be a fruitful investment. If you are missing something - better do not rush to implement something new. Try to transform existing systems. The Real Time Campaign Management is a kind of add-on. If the base is weak, the add-on will fall apart.”

Complex Event Processing Solution With A Fast Code Platform: Step-By-Step Guideline

“RTCM or complex event processing product development on XME. open-source fast code platform is so profitable for businesses. XME. approach coincides with the RTCM ideology. Here, we need to integrate with countless third systems - code can deal with it excellently. The ready-made technical part allows you to focus on business logic. Template configuration - halves the development cycle, providing a customer with the same custom result as a development from scratch can ensure.”

Victor Kmita, CEO at

Have you decided to purchase custom RTCM or complex event processing products? - Get ready to receive working software. If your company has prepared an appropriate foothold for deployment, you will succeed.

But a business doesn’t like to wait. It always wants to get software ASAP and notice its effectiveness right from the start. Right?

You can achieve it by working with the open-source fast code platform. Let's consider how the discussed product development will look like on the XME. fast code platform.


  1. First of all, it is necessary to analyze the current client's IT landscape. As seen, without high-quality data processing, robust CRM, and a proactive team, the discussed products will not work. If the customer does not have any of the above, it is worth considering building the base. Not only for the RTCM implementation but general efficiency increasing. If the business is mature enough to implement a complex event processing or campaign management app, then move on.

  2. The client must form correct, clear, and detailed requirements for the result it wants to get.

  3. The next challenge for both sides is building the architecture and defining integration points. It is not nearly as easy as it might seem. Usually, Real Time Campaign Management and complex event processing apps integrate with CRM, product catalog, marketing, analytics, billing systems, etc. But the business can go further and define additional integrations if needed. The result is a rather complex branched architecture.

  4. The next step is project estimation and budgeting. IT specialists use methods to determine how many resources will be needed to implement the development.


  • After agreeing on all the details, the fruitful Project Manager's work begins. In consultation with the team, the specialist draws up a project implementation plan, breaking it down into parts. The distribution of roles is also performed here.

Development & Testing

  • The key advantage of XME. open-source platform is that it provides developers with ready-made tools, without limiting them in configuration, as is usually done by low code tools. In this case, an engineer will not design the system from scratch. The platform contains ready-to-change Real Time Campaign Management and complex event processing systems templates. All that remains for the IT team is to implement the logic required by a customer. This approach improves productivity and shortens the development cycle by more than 50%.

  • Also, remember - you need a well-integrated product. Sometimes it is necessary to connect software to external systems. It is a voluminous piece of work, after which all involved systems must work as before or better. With the fast code platform, you shouldn't worry about it. It provides a solution with robust integrations, unlimited scalability, and accurate data processing.

  • To create a prototype, you need to configure existing frameworks with a modern tech stack and build integration points. In such a case, you can receive an MVP approximately in one month.

  • Next, you should check the prototype for strength and determine what needs to be improved. It is worth applying the monitoring method. Moreover, it will be useful to receive an assessment from specialists who will work with the product in the future. They will guide you.

  • After testing the product, you have to work hard on the shortcomings. Each of them can cost you your reputation and business. Thanks to XME.platform, all you need to do is modify the flexible prototype to suit your audience's needs. No new product development. No waste of time and resources.


  • The last things you need to do are complete the development cycle with a spectacular deployment, make sure the custom product is effective, and take stock. Working with the XME. fast code platform, you can receive a Real Time Campaign Management solution 50% faster and evaluate its effectiveness even at the development stage.

Did you want minimum risks supported by the maximum benefits? Here you go!


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