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Real-Time Campaign Management Solutions for Pharmacy Industry in 2021

The pandemic year has changed a lot for any business industry, and pharmacies are not the exception. Customers are now hoping for on-demand care and additional service, especially with the procurement of medications. Amazon entered the prescription market in 2020 with PillPack, Walmart, Costco, and CVS already offer delivery. A lot of changes are coming. Pharmaceutical services will become more freely accessible to customers. And more interactive. The goal is to make more healthy patients and decrease hospitals' load. Can the software support customers and help them follow the prescriptions, seasonal treatment and use the right supplements to support their activities? Campaign management software can.

What is campaign management software?

Claire has the flu. To be honest, she has the flu every year in December, just before Christmas. And it annoys her a lot. She goes to her doctor and buys pills but stops taking medications in a couple of days because she feels better and has many Christmas preparations with her family. Next year the situation will repeat. How can her community pharmacy help her?

How does a Campaign Management Software can help patients to solve their regular health issue

A campaign management solution is a set of applications to help personalize and deliver campaigns across all customer channels you use to interact with the customers. To achieve this solution, use real-time, personalized, customized, and contextual messages (email, SMS, push notifications, etc.) to deliver a fascinating customer experience. All of this happens not by chance but by the right design from the very beginning. Campaign management solutions work automatically and launch offers and campaigns based on events and triggers created to every customer segment. So you do not need to wait for the approval. Real-time campaign management solutions help you deliver the right message to the right customer in the most suitable moment.

How do campaign management solutions work for pharmacies?

Looking Inside the Campaign Management Solution
  • Real-time campaign management solutions can manage different customer behavior aspects (qualitative & quantitative data). Do customers usually buy a lot per month or have kids? Do they make purchases during the week or only on weekends? Are they healthy lifestyle followers?

  • Companies "know" customers' age groups, location, activity time, the most popular purchases, the channel they use to make them, response to price increases, and new services.

  • This allows designing data-driven personalized customer campaigns. All offers and promotions are highly personalized and based on current customers' actions like triggers. Such a precise, tailored shopping experience increases customer satisfaction and customers' LifeTime Value for a company.

What if the patient follows all doctors' recommendations, took all medicines right on time, and lives a healthy life due to his health limitations?

Can we help patients not to forget details on their home treatment, so they feel care not living in their home?

YES. By providing a comprehensive and convenient tool to track all your at-home medical treatment and necessary lifestyle details.

Campaign management examples

  • Event-based interactions - delivery offering not to interrupt the treatment

  • Supplements (vitamins, probiotics, etc.) and additional healthy stuff (essential oils, daily care, etc.) offering to support the treatment

  • Reminders based on the customer's history. Seasonal treatment, options for kids and elderly, if there is any based on a purchase analysis.

Integrated RTCM Solution: track, remind, record and care

Campaign management results to expect

Real-time campaign management systems (RTCM) are dynamic predictive automated omnichannel solutions embedded into all core business processes connected to the customer. Originally it occurred in retail banking and telecommunications.

Special offers, prices, and general communication are real-time, they are fully customized to the customer profile and behavior, they already are omnichannel. You make embedded into your business processes customers' LTV and loyalty increase up to 10% based on the data. Offers & bundles activation can increase up to four times, and CHURN decreases up to 10%.

Why is patient loyalty important to healthcare management, and how to increase it?

Loyalty generates trust; when we feel insecure and frustrated with our upcoming treatment, reliability is key. Loyalty management solutions have been evaluated a lot since the pharmacist knew all clients from his community. We had coupons, loyalty points, birthday reminders from CRM, offers based on our gender, and the family's size. But they all do not take into account who our customer is and what he or she needs.

Campaign management software today can manage real-times marketing offers to highly sliced customer segments to achieve their heart.


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