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Find the Right Approach to Your Customer or Three Ways to Supercharge Customer Experience

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The holistic Customer Experience Creation is Easy


I'm noticing how businesses, especially merchants and retailers, have started to care about customers and their round-a-clock engagement in interaction. Recent events show how crucial it is to encourage people to buy in your store since the fierce competition doesn't leave room for rest.

It seems that all the smart tricks are used, and businesses don't even have a chance to surprise buyers. AR/VR apps, unexpected collaboration, and convenient and well-designed user interfaces. Now, it looks like a critical condition to stay afloat.

But the case is that you can supercharge customer experience and even go beyond competition owing to the futureproof CX strategy. This article aims to prove to you that millions of new ideas are still around and provide you with several tips on finding and implementing them.

Top 3 Ways to Build and Launch Successful CX Strategy

Proper data collection

First and foremost. Know your client as banks and financial institutions do. You should collect and analyze terabytes of customer data to predict the demand and behavioral changes. Of course, it's not the task for Google Spreadsheets. Retailers prepare a robust software base to cope with it, avoiding breaching international and local data protection acts.

So, what you need to know more about your buyers:

#1 Approach to the audience

Business leaders should understand how many segments their companies serve and what their pains and preferences are.

#2 Accurate customer profile creation

You need to paint down the face of each client to the smallest detail to remain customer-focused. But it's not enough. Businesses care about customer profiles updating daily. People are changing, and companies should notice it to be on the same page with buyers.

#3 Customer-centric operation

Each department in your company has to work following customer behavior and demand. Call center agents can gather information via interactions with customers, marketers can collect data using the loyalty program, A/B testing, analysis of website performance, etc. Even couriers can tell you more about client preferences and desires by directly communicating with buyers. All you need to do is organize an entity, where each team member will work to discover as much as possible about clients and use this information for good.

The valuable knowledge will provide you with a clear understanding of customer behavior. It's a great way to discover what needs are waiting for satisfaction and what expectations are waiting to be exceeded.

Implementation of innovations

It's hard to imagine predicting customer behavior and creating new ideas on how to surprise them without technological wonders. Companies continue to collect more and more data by applying various tools and technologies, beginning from the market-proven CRMs and ending with the Internet of Behaviors.

You should remember that excellent customer experience is about digitization. So, your core task here is to ensure a suitable set of software that will support your business.

Let's start with CRMs. These products can ensure omnichannel approaches to customers, they let agents interact through multiple channels. It's a huge pro since people are used to sharing their preferences and needs on social media as well as telling about them to customer support agents directly. Real-time recording and customer profile updating are precisely what your company needs to discover more and create fresh ideas.

Moreover, the Internet of Things also became a synonym for "real-time" data collection. It gathers all connected devices under one roof and ensures a seamless integration. This way, data transfer takes a split second. What does it mean for businesses? They can legally receive valuable data from all devices, from smartphones to space satellites. Can you imagine what the volume of information is?

One more pro of IoT is its ability to create data models to receive accurate predictions. It means businesses can continue to satisfy customers under any conditions increasing customer lifetime value. We can confidently say that the Internet of Behaviors (the next generation of IoT) is gaining momentum. It will allow users to predict customer behavior easier using a particular approach and tools.

Rapid application development tools usage

You have at least 2 reasons to apply rapid application development (RAD) products to ensure better business performance.

#1 This approach will let you implement innovations and ideas concerning CX improvement faster.

All-sized companies use the technology to solve several tasks:

  • ensure faster Time-to-Market

  • reduce development costs

  • reduce IT department load and avoid tech debt

  • optimize business processes

Companies prefer RAD tools, especially low code platforms, to ensure business flexibility, cut costs and help go live faster. They allow you to create device management platforms to get the most out of IoT, various tools for proper data analysis, and optimization of department activity.

Owing to their versatile nature, low code platforms can support swift implementation of your CX improvement strategy, letting you achieve business goals faster.

#2 RAD tools can help you create excellent CX.

Each solution you roll out has its user audience and affects the customer experience. A low code platform is a tool for building solutions, no matter for what purposes. Let's say you need to create a user-friendly product in a tight schedule and choose the code platform as a development environment. What can help you develop excellent UX/UI to attract customers?

  • pre-built and fully customizable templates

  • a quick check of the hypothesis

  • convenience for business leaders and tech-side people

  • no vendor lock

  • a multi-tenancy feature (applicable for large businesses)

Due to platforms like XME, you can effortlessly create a well-designed product 2 or more times faster using the best-proven practices from leading brands and tailoring them to your business needs. This way will reduce the risk of failure since businesses can try MVP after 2 weeks of development and validate the idea.

This approach can let you try various options without losing clients and choose the most appropriate design suitable for your audience. Moreover, low-code platforms can provide you with efficient templates that are already helping other companies retain clients and maintain high business performance. The ability to customize them means borrowing the best of the best approaches and implementing them into your unique solution.

Wrap Up

The highly-competitive environment will always make companies fight for their customers by retaining current clients and attracting new ones. Despite various popular approaches helping boost customer experience, the blue ocean of ideas is still available for those who can build a flexible CX improvement strategy and implement it without failures in the short term.

To create the strategy and turn it into the reality, you need to try at least 3 ways simultaneously:

  • to collect more valuable data about customer behavior and preferences

  • to implement innovations that match customer needs and your business conditions

  • to use RAD tools that accelerate new ideas implementation ensuring a convenient and engaging UX/UI

If you are looking for a proven development environment helping roll out new solutions for a faster supercharging customer experience, let us know. Our team will share its expertise and knowledge in creating best-of-breed software with the code platform.

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