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Crisis in Software Development: Ways Out of the Situation

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Businesses Can Overcome Software Development Crisis

For businesses, software development has never been a piece of cake. Earlier, companies worried about the lack of expertise and relevant technologies. Now, the issue is caused by the various offers in the IT market and a strong desire to create a competitive advantage everywhere.

Moreover, external factors also affect software development, making it a real challenge. Agree that unexpected events like the pandemic or the Russian-Ukrainian war lead to less revenue and create an ocean of uncovered issues. Sure, each problem is a new opportunity first, but this enthusiastic attitude needs backup plans to help you withstand any conditions.

Here, we will gladly tell you more about the ways out of the situation when software development becomes arduous. Scroll down to discover details.

4 Challenges Businesses Face When Creating Software in 2022

Perennial needs to implement innovations

High-competitive businesses, like retail or telecom, always have to improve their business processes and offer new services and values to retain customers. Software development seems the only way to cope with these tasks in the digital age. However, management should always initiate development projects to achieve strategic goals. They require creativity, solid investment, time, and talents for sure. Not all companies have enough resources to support this pipeline. Therefore, vast businesses face a lack of money, employee burnout, etc. In an economic crisis, it feels even more because of limited sources of revenue. So, companies had many uncovered issues but couldn't deal with them because of the difficulties with income and people.

Dynamic conditions

One of the most significant cons of custom software development is that it's time-consuming. Just imagine that you need to create a product, but it will take 1-1.5 years. Who can guarantee that it will be relevant in the next year? The same applies to the global crisis period. However, the paradigm might change every single day. There's no room for stability. Therefore, starting software development from scratch in 2022 is always risky when you try to implement a fresh idea this way. You can spend a lot of time and effort validating it.

Tech debt

Because of crazy turnover and the high burden, your in-house developers can't cope with the avalanche of tasks. They need to support business conditions, administrate each software user in the company, help all departments to implement local ideas and optimize a workflow, and last but not least - design innovative solutions for a long-time perspective. No matter how many people you have in your IT department, it's too much. You can double the overload level in the current situation since issues arise in sequence. So, starting from scratch now means fighting tech debt daily.

High development cost

Time is money. The longer your project takes, the more significant investment it requires. Now, companies operate under the pressure of fear of receiving zero ROI in the end. In an ordinary situation, the percentage of successfully performed projects is smaller than the percentage of failures. Then what to talk about today? High expenses become sky-high. Many businesses can't afford to go over budget without a proof of concept and a 100% guarantee of its further validity.

How to Speed Up Software Development and Make It Easier

Outsourcing development

When it seems that internal software development is too hard, the first thing you should do is to involve somebody else. Agree that two heads are better than one. When cooperating with outsourced developers, you can receive a powerful joint experience.

Probably, your in-house engineers are pros in several fields your company needs. Meanwhile, when it comes to complex projects, you need to train them to receive a desirable result. In such a case, it’s better to save time and resources by hiring people who solve issues like yours daily.

This way, you will delegate a project. It means cutting an overall investment, a rise in internal productivity, and confidence in the quality of the future solution. Outsourcing will help you to remain flexible and tailor to changes immediately.

Rapid application development tools

Meanwhile, many companies don’t trust others regarding software development. Therefore, they are left with the complexities one on one. Does it seem like a bitter truth? But it’s not. Rapid application development (RAD) tools come to the rescue! Following MarketsandMarkets, its market size will grow from USD 7.8 billion in 2018 to a shocking USD 46.2 billion by 2023.

RAD tools are no-/low-code platforms allowing people to create full-fledged software based on market-proven templates. Often, it doesn’t need any string of code from the user because of a convenient drag-and-drop feature. Just remember how often constructors like Tilda saved you. This approach is suitable for simple and complex tasks with a slight difference in functionality.

So, what will happen when you apply no-/low-code platform capabilities?

  • Your tech and business-side employees can create future-proof solutions effortlessly

  • This approach cuts an overall tech debt

  • RAD tools require minimal investment and speed up the software development cycle by two or more times

  • You can validate an MVP almost immediately after starting the development

  • You can use best practices proven by other companies and create a custom product based on them

  • Your company can implement innovations in time without feeling a burden

Looks great? And how! Gartner named low code platforms one of the most efficient tools helping businesses remain competitive under any conditions. This approach might be helpful in a crisis because of the wide range of pros it provides to its users.

The Bottom Line

A crisis is always the beginning of awe-inspiring changes. So why not get the most out of it, withstand it, and go beyond the competition? Now you have at least 2 action plans to make software development easier in these challenging times. Both can eliminate the most common challenges companies face regarding digital product creation.

If you are looking for a versatile, low-code solution for projects of any difficulty - let us know. Our team will tell you more about code platform capabilities helping your business performance to skyrocket.

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