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How IoT Makes Customers Fall in Love with Your Company: Deep Discovery

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How IoT Capabilities Help Businesses Retain Customers


The Internet of Things connects a shocking 13.1 billion devices worldwide. By 2030, its number will increase to 29.4 billion. Just imagine that millions of people believe in the idea of its progressive approach and the promising future. In the age of technology, the leading enterprise task is to engage these tech-friendly clients to build accurate development strategies and remain on the same page with the world.

Today, I'm going to tell you more about the Internet of Things as a technology capable of boosting customer satisfaction, engaging new customers, and retaining existing ones. How does it manage to do it? Its features are powerful in this field. Read on to find the answers.

The Importance of IoT for Customer Experience Creation

The Internet of Things can move mountains. Companies apply technology to cope with core business issues nowadays. Telcos need IoT to support uninterrupted connections and regularly offer new services. Retailers use it to deal with supply chain problems. The healthcare industry develops owing to online surgeries, which are possible only because of IoT power. We can only imagine what the Internet of Things can do with your customers in case of the right approach and application.

To ensure a customer-centric offering, it helps businesses discover client behaviors, tastes, and preferences. The Internet of Things can make your employees happier and increase customer satisfaction in turn. You can take any aspect and domain to see that IoT usage is a strong pro, allowing companies to grow without limits. Even non-techie people feel the impact of this technology and can fall in love with your brand because of it.

What IoT Features You Might Use to Increase Customer Satisfaction

Predictive analytics

This IoT peculiarity can work wonders. The Internet of Things can gather data from all connected devices and create an accurate base for building data models. For example, retailers have dozens of sources providing information on customer data & behavior, starting from the loyalty program and ending with the results of marketing campaigns. It helps companies predict what assortment will be suitable next quarter, what demand might arise, and how buyer preferences might change. This knowledge is the key to good service and a satisfied audience.

Moreover, don't forget about the processes behind the scene affecting the overall customer experience. Let's take a look at the above supply chain procedures. Only correct management and the absence of mistakes can ensure delivery and supply in time. IoT powers allow retailers to create, track and manage routes without failures to let you buy your favorite products whenever you want.

Real-time operation

The Internet of Things helps discover hardware operation conditions in real-time. Owing to it, machines can notify specialists about any drawback in their work. Why is it essential for customer experience? The case is in time reaction can prevent downtimes, manufactured disasters, and accidents.

Let's say you've just become a happy owner of a new flat in a luxury residence built by a highly-reputable company. This purchase requires significant investment, so you expect a relevant service from the construction company. But the case is it's something wrong with water utilities, and there's a risk of flooding or total facility destruction. Suppose the construction company uses IoT technology - no worries. Its employees will detect issues timely and prevent consequences. So, you won't even notice that something is wrong. However, it's hard to ensure you're safe when the company uses legacy approaches. Minor issues with water, gas, or other utilities might turn into large ones and lead to the saddest consequences. Therefore, sometimes, the Internet of Things can not only support an excellent impression from services. It can save lives.

Proper management

Have you ever thought that customer experience starts with management? You will not receive excellent services when somebody doesn't apply suitable approaches to process management. IoT allows employees of all companies serving you to know everything about their operations. Each machine obeys the Internet of Things and the people working with it. Complete confidence in smooth operation allows business leaders to perform high-quality management. In turn, customers receive a quick response to their needs and remain satisfied.

Advanced communication

Last but not least - the Internet of Things helps businesses support a fruitful interaction with B2B and B2C customers. Connected devices allow companies to build vast communication scenarios, ensure in-time issue resolution and remain highly performant. IoT helps out in each stage of communication. Collected & analyzed data is an excellent basis for all specialists involved in customer interaction. Intelligent devices are allies for agents communicating with clients since they provide employees with real-time tips simplifying the process. How do you think a telco customer support agent knows what subscription you're lacking but striving to set up? IoT is an engine of omnichannel approach, making it easier for companies to properly support interaction with the audience across all possible channels. According to Forbes, 90% of customers expect omnichannel interaction. So, just imagine how IoT implementation might affect them.

IoT Features to Increase Customer Satisfaction

The Bottom Line

The business future belongs to technology. Most likely, you won't find a successful company providing non-tech services because each reputable player is at least half an IT company.

Remember Starbucks. Is it just a place where you can buy a cup of coffee? If so, why don't you do it in any convenience store? Right, because of the excellent customer experience this company provides its clients. It wouldn't be possible without technologies, particularly IoT. Even now, Starbucks entered into cooperation with Tactile to create a connected store of the future.

So, businesses are moving towards strategic goals of engaging audiences with IoT by leaps and bounds. As an example shows, they need a backup from engineers empowering this process with robust software. Why aren't you the next company to open the blue ocean of IoT opportunities?

Contact our specialists to learn more about customer engagement with the Internet of Things and how to create supplement software with the code platform.

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