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Let Developers Do Their Job with the platform

How To Let Everybody Do Their Job: Overload Eliminating

Every team member should own the process. The employees are similar to microservice, don't they? So, why not to render unto Caesar that which Caesar's. The more focused is the area of ​​responsibility, the better is the result. However, managers have not yet learned how to organize work so that analysts can build workflow, and developers - create complicated pieces of apps. Let's consider how a company can achieve this harmony with the fast-code platform. Fast Code Platform In Action

Welcome to an enterprise "K". The fast-growing company invests millions of dollars in internal IT development. New products are released regularly.

The company's CEO, Mrs. W has ideas on improving the existing products to make them more convenient in terms of Customer Experience (CX). So, she shared her thoughts with the business analyst - Ms. T.

Ms. T has listened attentively and prepared technical documentation with the requirements to improve the software. Based on the documentation, the company's designers made a preview of initiated changes. Mrs. W was a bit busy approving it. She said that everything is okay with her and it's time to change a real product.

All the requirements were transferred to the developers. The initiated changes were minor but became a significant distraction for the IT team, which had a huge existing backlog. Engineers had made a change in 2 working days. Unfortunately, Mrs. W was not pleased with the result.

She had a different vision of ​​how the final result would look. So it started all over again. Mrs. W described his idea to business analyst Ms.T; she wrote the documentation, etc. This vicious circle can go on forever.

Thanks to the fast code platform benefits, the above process can be reduced to a dialogue between Mrs. W and Ms. T. The platform boasts a multi-tenancy feature. Thus, it is possible to create multiple exact copies of the real product that function in the same way. So, let's imagine the following.

Mrs. W comes to Ms. T with the idea of ​​making small product changes. In this case, a business analyst needs to open an exact copy of a real product in the environment and write a configuration using tools. The manager can see how the result works simultaneously. Thus, the platform optimizes the work process by:

  • exclusion of unproductive communication

  • quick response to business needs

  • reducing the burden on developers

  • clear division of duties and areas of responsibility between the business analyst and the developer

It is easier for a business analyst to understand and communicate with an internal customer. Thus, simple issues can be settled only between these two parties. Of course, if a company needs to change the software globally or create a new solution, engineers are irreplaceable. But ordinary updates can be made without their participation.

Thus, platform not only promotes fast and convenient product development. It allows everyone to do their job with high quality, providing an understandable work environment for a developer, business analyst, and manager.

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